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    As usual, these might be known, I haven't read through the whole thread:

    Major: In the Quest An Ancient Formula after testing on the wererats and returning to Bokken he drinks the potion and a fight ensues. I have done about 3000 damage to him and he refuses to be subdued, just standing there doing nothing after a while. This appears connected to an issue I think I have noticed on most (if not all) "raging" monsters that causes them to only go down after their rage ends, regardless of how much damage I do to them (especially noticeable on branded trolls and furious worgs), which obviously increases the difficulty of some fights beyond reasonable levels.

    Minor: some "new message" notifiers in the quest log stay active forever, even after the quest is marked as finished.

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    The Guiding Beacon Quest is bugged. I went to Trollbold, got the cutscene of the Kobold with the whip. Killed Kobold, looted his corpse, and did not get the whip. Without the whip the Quest cannot be completed.

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    i get a crash whenever i get a random encounter and when i get attacked in camp

    it started happening after the patch yesterday is there some way to fix it?
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    I was doing the goblin camp with all the bloom prisoners, and suddenly my main character, an inquisitor, couldn't cast spells anymore. This is different from 50% spell failure thing, because it only affected my main character, and I couldn't cast spells at all. They were all greyed out. I don't have any wisdom damage preventing me from casting spells, there's nothing in Effects & Conditions to indicate why I can't cast spells. Even after a rest, and traveling to a new area, I still can't cast spells. Then I tried restarting the game, and still no ability to cast spells :/

    Edit: Still can't cast any spells with my inquisitor, and she's the only character I'm using that has lesser restoration, and I'm in a cave full of spiders. All my ranged characters have an average of about 10 dex damage right now...:P

    Edit2: Just gained a level, so I figured I would try to see if it had something to do with inquisitor in particular and gave her a level of cleric. Still couldn't cast spells, neither inquisitor spells or cleric spells. I noticed I can cast 0 level spells, but looks like I've been able to do that all along.

    Edit3: I'm beginning to suspect that I've lost my ability to cast spells due to alignment shift. I've become NG, while worshiping Gorum, who is CN, and according to Pathfinder rules, you have to stay within one step (so for a CN god that would be CE, CN, N, LN or CG) to receive divine spells. But I got all this from the pen and paper rules, I can find nothing about this in the game. There should be some kind of warning that you're shifting away from your deity's alignment and are in danger of losing your spellcasting ability, or at least there should be a condition or something listed that says why you lost the ability to cast spells

    Edit4: Can confirm. Managed to get back to Chaotic Good, and my spells are now restored. Phew that's a relief. Inquisitors are certainly capable sans spells, but they will absolutely help in the future
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    Linzi's Inspire Greatness bardic performance does not seem to automatically end when combat ends, like Inspire Courage does. Very easy to forget it's on, and then all her daily uses is wasted

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    As a Hospitaler, i am not able to take the "Extra Channel" and "Selective Channeling" feats.

    Tooltip says i am lacking the requirement of "Channel Energy", which i got at fourth level.

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    Nettle's Crossing

    10 Skeletons were killed at Nettle's Crossing after i rested (helped me against a Boar). Nice loot and all. Everyone had a masterwork longsword :D.
    Now every map showes these artifacts. Allways on a specific location.So not moving or pinned on my monitor.

    Pathfinder Kingmaker bug artifacts.jpg
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    Amiri leaves party to sneak into the barbarian camp. Everything progresses fine. When I finish the enemies on the map and then go talk to ... Gwart (?), Amiri's dialogue stays the same as it was when you meet her at the beginning of the map (when she's standing next to Gwart), and will not rejoin the party.

    Edit: after looking it up a bit, I saw a post on the steam forum where someone mentions the same happens with Tristain (couldn't confirm, haven't reached that part yet).
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    The feat Outflanked is either bugged or have conflicting information.

    Reading Outflanked description it says it should give a +4 to attack rolls when two people with this ability are flanking the same target.
    However when looking in the combat log I only get a bonus of +2.

    I'm playing on Challenge Mode.

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    The deity selection bug is reproduced in aasimar heritage selection, if you go back after selecting your heritage it gets buggy.

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