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    1. God was selected, but is gone when you level up to lvl two.
    2. Could not level up two characters. Got stuck in feats for linzy and amiri. No selection possible.

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    In resting/camp UI, the tool tip for spells restored is showing "<color|=0>Spells restored"

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    Exotic Proficiency- Two Bladed Sword seems to be missing from the Feat Selection list?

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    Claws from Abyssal Bloodline not working. Stays at 0 charges.

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    Here is my issue:!

    This all totally sucks. At least the Beta started, at least up until today as it also no longer works. Waited a long time to play the full game and now nothing.


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    Unity crashes after character creation. Image:

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    the exit from the temple is for me in the bottom line between all the team members.
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    When Valerie joins your team in the prologue, all of her character sheet shows info for the scythe girl instead. Can't remember her name right now.

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    So, since I seem to be showing the beginning signs of hardware failure on my windows machine, I installed kingmaker on my mac.
    For visibility reasons, I have my mouse cursor increased size (because the default size is really hard for my bad eyes to locate). This.. results in an oddity:

    So there are two things wrong here: One, it is SUPER HUGE compared to the OS cursor. Comparison:

    Two, the hotspot is very much in the wrong place. Notice that the screen resolution dropdown is highlit, even though the tip of the cursor is on screen mode.

    If I drop the system mouse cursor size back down to default, it looks better...

    ... but the hotspot is still in the wrong place.
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    The Aldori dueling mastery feat doesn't seem to do anything.

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