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    Cloudkill spell description in game states "Target: All enemies..." yet the picture shows blue and red which means "All creatures" moreover all living creatures are affected. Minor bug.

    I spoke to Nazrielle and asked her to craft me a dagger. She brings me the Putrid Rapier. :/ Minor bug.
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    Kimo's fey girlfriend doesn't show up at the fey glade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Kimo's fey girlfriend doesn't show up at the fey glade.
    See here:
    Quote Originally Posted by Nikioko View Post
    Another new bug: If you go to the Fey Glade for resolving the Trail of Misfortune quest, the dryad Kimo is dating is there already and hostile towards you. So when the Satyr and his band leave, the dryad is still there and hostile and you can kill her. This prevents solving Kimo's quest later on as the dryad is not there anymore.
    Workaround: delete the 75be79fe327497d44a0b73ffa9061968.json and .png in the save file to reset the area. When you re-enter the scene, there will be a hostile dryad attacking you as well as a peaceful one you can talk to afterwards.
    Hope that helps. It has to be fixed, though.

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    Update 1.1.2e
    The giant Owlbear that attacks the capital. While it is walking towards the Throne Room, the animation bugs out. The owlbear shifts to the upper left of the screen before the scene cuts back to the party by the Throne room. Minor bug.

    Womb of Lamatsu, first cave. There is room to the south that you shouldn't be able to get to without going through the rest of the caves. It holds the flower there. My wizard was somehow able to enter this room from the first chamber where the rest of the party couldn't. Not sure if this was intentional (since it's a magic thing) or just a fluke. Minor bug.

    Poachers' Hideout. I was done with combat, in map mode and got out of the game. When I came back the box was off the map and I couldn't see the party in order to leave the cave. Tried reloading the saved file but the same thing happened. Closed the game, reloaded the same save, exactly as before. Went to the autosave prior and didn't go to map or leave the game before exiting the cave. I was able to soldier on. Minor bug.
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    In the Castle of Knives if you fail to climb the right tower, it seems that on retry the Acrobatics check is not re-rolled but failed automatically while you have to re-roll the Reflex saves to reduce damage. Consequently, your party eventually dies.

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    After speaking to Ekundayo at his feast and you go to grab something to eat, Elina hovers to Ekun's side. Just odd, ghostlike hover. Minor bug.

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    the support the curator disappeared permanently and I cant rank them up they are rank 2, supporting the minister never appeared to begin with, hes rank 1 still, major bug

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    the bronzeshield fortress upgrade region upgrade wont progress but when I hover over it its says the time to act on this has passed and it has failed. great waste of BP. fix that shit.

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    thhe oils and enhancements bokken provides have no descriptors on what they do. please fix that, why should I use an item if I don't know what it does.

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    deal with the devil wont progress I have spent many months now tending to kingdom matters and it hasn't updated, this seems like a bug so im putting it here.

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