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    nyrissa broke into my dream and irelene was the model of the person that showed up instead of nyrissa which I found strange and then after that wild fist is offering to make me magic items instead of his usual items LUL what a weird bug
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    LUL my previous post was right the wrong person came into the encounter, now nyrissa is my magic artisan. HAHAHAHA

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    I cant coerce kharne into turning on irovetti even though I talked to him at the tournament.

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    the marchioness spawned in my throne room behind Octavia at chapter 2 and I cant interact with her at all and im now in chapter five and I found out who she is, fucking nice bug.

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    renashala didn't reward me with the riversong amulet even though I did everything to get it, she just walked off.

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    Shrewish Gulch is a bit bugged. Everything was going fine until I decided to break the egg. It gave me three options, one Lore (Nature) the last one Stealth. Not sure why it didn't select the highest Lore (Nature) instead it picked my rogue with a 1. Well, I didn't go that option. Mobility there was a 50% chance of failing, so I went Stealth. Hover over it and it shows my Rogue with well over 40 exceeding the number needed yet it failed. :/ I don't believe a 1 on a skill roll auto fails it, so it must be bugged. Since this will kill off a character, this is a Medium Bug.

    Country Road. There is a body on the ground next to the Golem. You can examine the body but unable to loot until you leave the map. Minor Bug.
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    the temple guard attacked me even though I convinced the priestess in pitax to side with me, nice bug.

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    all the artisans haven't done anything wither their master pieces even though I fulfilled the prequites and told them to work on their stuff. bug, except kimo whose quest is bugged. kimo brings me nothing but shady bows nothing new? this is quite odd bug possibly

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    harrim is now permently a dog beacause remove curse doesn't remove baleful polymorph

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    charm of the deep waters gives no bonus to AC like it says it does only a con bonus

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