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    Quote Originally Posted by CptMagicPants View Post
    In the thrown room,
    If you threw the room away, no wonder the potions got broken... :p

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    My Curator is stuck at Rank III, and there was no rank-up event when I raised it to III. My culture is currently 120, so it could not be the issue. Any idea what can I do to solve this ?

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    Yeah, nice catch... throne, not thrown.

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    I now have a bug with Jubilost where if I ask him about the Inconsequent debates, he says he is still trying to figure it out. Then there is no way to exit the dialog. It's caught in a loop where you ask him the same 3 questions and never get a chance to stop or ask something else.

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    Minor Graphics Bug: My halfling main character does not actually sit on the throne but just in front of it. It looks like she is sitting on the ground.

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    Harrim can't use a Wand of Inflict Critical Wounds. He could prepare the spell and cast it; Linzi can make a Use Magic Device check and use it; but Harrim can't use it.

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    Chaos Ring misspelling - reedom of movement

    Kingdom status: the reasons for the change is <null>

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    At Armag's Tomb, whenever I speak to one of the barbarians there, they speak as though we just killed the Defaced Sister. It ends in, "The barbarians quickly pack up and leave." But they don't. They keep right on standing around where they were when she died.

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    Both the south doors on the upper level of Armag's Tomb are unpickably locked; this does not appear to be intended. On the second level, the offscreen barbarians and clerics of Gorum take damage from the Burning Hands and Lightning Bolt traps forever without dying.

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    Bug with Kalikke: When you cast her ability Shroud of Water then use burn to make it give more shield bonus it works normally. But when you switch her out with fire sister and then switch back to water sister the burn you took is still there but Shroud of Water bonus is gone. When you turn it on again it just gives its base bonus to shield. Ability itself says that the bonus should stay until the character rests not disappear like this.

    I have not tried it but I bet same happens if you remove the character from party and add her back again.

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