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    Ok I don't use reddit is there a way to just download the entire gallery or do you need to right click/save as each one indivdually please?

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    Heyo, guys and gals!
    Just wanted to let you know we're going to release 2 new portraits as a free DLC in the coming weeks. We know it's not much, but most of the team is helping with the bugs, so we can't really afford doing more at the moment (though we would definitely like to!)
    Please, vote in the poll to let us know which portraits you would like to see most!!

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    Here are some edited pictures:
    1) Female Elven/Human

    2) Half-Orc Woman




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    Here's some more.

    There's about 40 or so female half-orc, gnome, halfling, and dwarf.
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    Stolen Lands
    This "Heroes of Stolen Lands" collection have actually some quite good pictures (yes, some are terrible but still):
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    Anyone else here loves the Playable Goblin component of the Kingmaker Mod Loader as much as I do?

    I uploaded a small portrait gallery for all Goblin Kings, Goblin Queens and Nok-Nok fanboys amongst us:
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    Quote Originally Posted by modan View Post
    I've built a simple online tool for cropping/resizing images for use as custom portraits in the game:
    Your tool doesn't work for online images.
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    For anyone who has wanted the original iconics for Pathfinder to join them in their adventures, I've put together the original artwork by Wayne Reynolds on various suitable backgrounds and done what I can to edit them to an acceptable state. Unfortunately I don't have the author's information for the backgrounds as most of it was found through simple google searches (ie Fantasy Forest Background). I also took some time to try to replicate their appearance in the actual game to the best of my ability, and that information will be found below as well. It is pretty glaring some of the missing features in the appearance customization, and I'm dearly hoping that Owlcat brings in some sort of appearance update in the future (dwarves and half-elves can't be blonde!?). I also included what I felt were the most appropriate voices for each of the characters, and avoided repeats of those voices, so if you have an entire cast of the iconics none of them should sound the same (admittedly some of the voices just don't fit too well, unfortunately). The one missing iconic here is Amiri, and that's because she's in the game already!

    I may make it a project to do this same thing with the other iconics of the classes not yet in the game in the future, but for now enjoy the playable ones!

    Damiel - Male Elf Alchemist
    Body 3 Face 5 Skin 1 Hair 2 Beard -- Color 2 Primary Orange 2 Secondary Orange 1 Voice Male Madman

    Ezren- Male Human Wizard
    Body 1 Face 3 Skin 1 Hair 5 Beard 3 Color 7 Primary Blue 3 Secondary Blue 4 Voice Male Reserved

    Harsk - Male Dwarf Ranger
    Body 1 Face 2 Skin 5 Hair 2 Beard 1 Color 3 Primary Red 3 Secondary Orange 2 Voice Male Aggressive

    Imrijka - Female Half-Orc Inquisitor
    Body 1 Face 2 Skin 2 Hair 3 Beard -- Color 1 Primary Red 3 Secondary Purple 2 Voice Female Aggressive

    Kyra - Female Human Cleric
    Body 1 Face 2 Skin 6 Hair 1 Beard -- Color 12 Primary Blue 4 Secondary Orange 5 Voice Female Pious

    Lem- Male Halfling Bard
    Body 1 Face 4 Skin 1 Hair 3 Beard 2 Color 1 Primary Red 2 Secondary Orange 2 Voice Male Brave

    Lini - Female Gnome Druid
    Body 3 Face 2 Skin 6 Hair 2 Beard -- Color 2 Primary Green 2 Secondary White 3 Voice Female Confident

    Merisiel - Female Elf Rogue
    Body 3 Face 1 Skin 1 Hair 5 Beard -- Color 1 Primary Red 4 Secondary Light Green 4 Voice Female Confident

    Sajan - Male Human Monk
    Body 1 Face 8 Skin 2 Hair 9 Beard 1 Color 1 Primary Blue 5 Secondary Blue 2 Voice Male Pious

    Seelah - Female Human Paladin
    Body 1 Face 2 Skin 4 Hair 4 Beard -- Color 4 Primary White 5 Secondary Red 2 Voice Female Brave

    Seltyiel - Male Half-Elf Magus
    Body 1 Face 3 Skin 4 Hair 2 Beard 1 Color 4 Primary Blue 1 Secondary Red 4 Voice Male Pragmatic

    Seoni - Female Human Sorcerer
    Body 3 Face 3 Skin 6 Hair 9 Beard -- Color 3 Primary Red 3 Secondary Blue 4 Voice Female Reserved

    Valeros - Male Human Fighter
    Body 1 Face 1 Skin 2 Hair 5 Beard 1 Color 4 Primary Orange 2 Secondary Blue 4 Voice Male Confident

    If you want to know more about who these iconics are and how they fit into the world of Golarion, you can find out more about them at the Pathfinder Wiki here!
    Spoiler Warning! If you check out Amiri's iconic page, there are spoilers concerning her backstory that you discover over the course of the game! Read at your own risk! Spoiler Warning!

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