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    The Custom Portrait Thread

    In order to use a custom portrait for your character, when choosing a portrait click on the icon beneath the portrait pane that looks kind of like a fleur de lis, and then upload the portraits in the proper sizes. The Proper screen and Icon are listed in the picture below:

    You can prepare three your own portraits with names: Small, Medium and Fulllength. All three images must be saved in PNG format with the following resolutions:
    Small - width: 185px, height: 242px;
    Medium - width: 330px, height: 432px;
    Fulllength - width: 692px, height: 1024px;

    You can use this templates

    Here's a Script to import Imgur galleries into Kingmaker. I haven't used it and cannot vouch for it:

    Here are the custom Portraits that I have so far:

    Large Galleries

    Large gallery of Assorted Portraits Pre-edited for use with the game
    You can find updated zips of this gallery here:

    Another Large Gallery with Portraits Pre-edited for use: And there's the source thread.

    This gallery is a dropbox Link with lots of Portraits in it


    Edited and Sized for Use in Game:

    Male Wizard (Beta Version):

    Shaggy Male Warrior:

    Scarred Male Sword and Dagger Fighter

    Pirate Arnold Schwarzenegger?

    Male Half-Orc Caster and Familiar

    Male Tattooed Half-Orc Fist Fighter/Monk

    Old Male Swordsman

    Scarred Female Viking

    Somewhat Androgynous Mage with Goose Familiar (Chalk white Skin and Purple hair)

    Female One-Armed Garundi Aasimar

    Female Druid Gnome with Tortoise Companion

    Female Half-Orc Archer

    Half-Elf with Bulky Warcraft-style Armor

    Male Human warrior with Braided Beard

    Male Caster With Burning Eyes and lots of fire (All three pictures are within)

    Armored Male Dwarf with Boar Companion (All three pictures are within)

    Female Human Aldori Sword Lord
    Fulllength -
    Medium -
    Small -

    Redheaded Human Female Warrior (All three pictures are within)

    Garundi Half-Elf Warrior with Flat Top Hair-cut (All three pictures are within)

    Tattooed Green Haired Male Gnome Spellcaster:

    Male (Human?) Blight Druid:

    Female Plumekith Aasimar Inquisitor:

    Valeros (Paizo Iconic Fighter)

    Human male, evil aristocratic mage or mad scientist

    female Halfling with undercut dreads


    Not Edited or Sized for Use In Game:

    Hair Dyed Octavias:

    Portrait of a Bearded man in a red coat:

    Male dreadlocked Garundi Fencer:

    Male Oread Caster/Monk:

    Masked Humanoid made out of animate darkness:

    Male Garundi Sword Saint:

    Adorable Puppy:

    Male Garundi Wizard/Alchemist:

    Older Male Garundi Wizard/Druid:

    Male Garundi with staff, sword, and massive beard:

    Salim (who is actually in Kingmaker already, but feel free yo use the picture anyway):

    Male Osiriani Fighter:

    Drunken Male Kelishite half-Elf:

    Male Andoran Half-Orc fighter:

    Male Prophet of Kalistradae

    Tattooed Female Human Fighter

    Pipe Smoking Male Dwarf with Uniform and Great Axe

    Female Human Uniformed Ranger

    Unarmored Male Human with Magic Sword

    Male Dwarf Miner

    Male Human with magnificent Moustache and magic sword

    Male Dwarven Axe and Shield fighter

    Fancy Male Human Noble

    Male Human Andoran Eagle Knight

    Male Tiefling in a ripped suit with a magic cane

    Masked Male Garundi Rogue

    Masked Female Kelishite Rogue

    Tian Male Ninja Sorceror

    Masked male Tian dual axe fighter

    Tian Male sword fighter

    Female Tian Sword and Bow Fighter

    Male Varisian Rogue

    Old Male Varisian Rogue

    Female half-Elf Druid with Badger Companion

    Sketchy Looking Human Male Priest

    Female Human Wizard with fur cape

    Human Male thug

    Human female Monk... or bard

    Male Half Elf in fancy uniform with epaulets

    Human Sorcerer with flaming hand in red coat

    Female Half-Elf arnger

    Human Magus with Flaming blue sword

    Male Keleshite Fighter with Scimitar, Turban and Beard

    Male Keleshite rogue with dagger and poison

    Unarmored Female Osiriani with sword

    Male Osiriani Sorcerer or Priest

    Male Halfling with maps

    Female Priest of Sarenrae

    Ulfen Male with Magic Dagger

    Vencarlo Orsini (Fencing master from Curse of the Crimson Throne AP)

    Female Human in fancy Red Dress

    Unarmored Human Male wielding a foil

    Blackjack (Vigilante from Curse of the Crimson Throne)

    Female Human Paladin of Iomedae

    Rag-Clad Male Human Rogue

    Male Human Mage dressed in Blue

    EDIT: Updated to add more Portraits posted in this thread. Some descriptions have been reworded.
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    thank you!
    where should I put the images btw?

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    How do you upload all 3 sizes in the game?

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    Elven Male (neutral-personally use it for my magus)


    Human warrior (male)


    How do you upload all 3 sizes in the game?
    Click on the bust icon at the lower edge of the portrait selection screen, this will take you to the custom portrait section.
    From there you can have a custom folder generated for each custom portrait you add. Click to be redirected to the folder and insert/overwrite the three images with correct sizes (these are displayed on the stock images generated with the folder).

    Rinse and repeat for every custom portrait you'd like to add
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    Male Emberkin (Aasimar variant) Wizard/Sorcerer/Cleric with Fire Domain/Inquisitor with Fire Domain, or Mystic Theurge.

    OP: Feel free to edit this entry into your first post, for ease of use.

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    All portraits up till this point have been added to the OP.

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    Btw, to add all 3 pictures in one link use the "Album" function in Imgur. May be good to edit that into OP so hopefully each entry takes less space.

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    Male Dwarf Ranger with Boar Companion

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