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    gam crash any help

    So after the game runs for about 15 min 20 sometimes 30 min . The music stops whole computer crashes. any fix on this. and yes i have a decent computer with updated drivers

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    So in alpha an any beta before latest update (and beta) all have worked OK for you?

    Can you put as detailed list for all your computer components as you can.

    What have chanced (driver update, new graphic card or maybe some new game/program what you did not use before? How is heat, is your room more hot then during earlier alpha/beta, how are CPU and GPU temeratures? Have you installed some other programs lately what might be up and running at same time with this game? Do you have multiple monitors [here was a case just recently with 2 monitors] try to use only one monitor if that helps...)

    If you have updated drivers.. ..did game work OK while you used older drivers?
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    i7-cpu @3.40ghz
    16 gb ram
    window 64 bit
    geforce GTX 960
    all the same
    I have been quit busy so haven't had much time to play only in beta.
    I do have 2 monitors. I'll try one

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    and tried one screen and crash .. about 5 min of play

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    Maybe the swarm of spiders got into my pc
    I also uninstalled the game already and reinstalled

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    ugghh its happening to launch game

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    Stopped Playing because i get the same every 10-20mins approx my game crashes back to the desktop. Never had beta access all my Drivers are up to date. Have installed and have multiple games on my system none crash, My system is for gaming in a well ventilated cool room.
    Not sure but every time it save's either auto or manual it appears to after that crash. It's Installed on GOG

    i7-8700k cpu @3.70ghz
    32Gb Ram
    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
    MotherBoard: MSI z370 Gaming Pro Carbon AC
    GeForce GTX 1080Ti
    Corsair H60 Hydro Cpu cooler
    1 monitor only
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