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    Missing Portraits

    Hey guys,

    I seem to be missing 2 portraits from the character portrait screen to choose from.

    I have the GoG version. I have 28 but I see on youtube that people have 30.

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    I narrowed it down to the Elf Wizard and Female Human Fighter. Why???

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    I believe those two portraits are exclusive to the Noble Edition of the game.

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    I have the Imperial Edition and it should have the 2 extra portraits, i've installed them through GoG but nothing shows up in-game.

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    Have you read this:
    You should get 2 (or more) keys, first one is game, rest are for bonus. Activate game first, then bonuses. You find them later in your "personal" chest (in Act1).
    "Road to the man's heart go through the chest"

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    I have done all that. I am not saying I don't have them. I have registered the game and redeemed the keys. What I'm saying is that the GoG portrait download extras does not work. It will not install in the game. I have clean uninstalled/reinstalled 3 times now and nothing.

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    Same problem here

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    Shame, and no word from the devs on this either.

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    Wait wut!? I only have 22
    Also have Imperial edition and tier 2 kickstarter
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    Did you go to Pathfinder:Kingmaker in GOG Galaxy and then Choose More>Settings? There are checkboxes to tick to enable extra stuffs.

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