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    i have tried to run, and there is no escape. not only can you not click on the exit when in combat, but the buggers are crazy fast unless you are a monk!

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    I don't know if this has been mentioned but the difficulty of the game post Pitax becomes wildly unbalanced. Even on Story mode, the sheet amount of Wild Hunt enemies you start encountering at any one time is frankly frustrating.
    The Final Boss encounter is nigh on impossible to beat, even on the easiest setting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draxxil View Post
    Please lovely Devs dont gimp the Game to boredom and pls pls pls no Enemie scaling.
    And about random encounters if a Group will be attacked by a Enemie that is to Powerfull you have still the option to run (or atleast i hope so i never tried it) but what i want to say is let some (rare) Powerful attacks be for realism purposes sry for my bad english.
    Not enemy but encounter scaling is an existencial part of pathfinder, it was advertised as being true to pathfinder as much as possible, ergo if you did not want such a feature you bought the wrong game.

    Quote Originally Posted by SilverSera View Post
    My party of 4 level 2 character got ambushed by two mature Athach which are two CR 14 or omething creature I think, I am gonna put that one on a bug.
    i got this encounter more than once and it is really annoying but there are other CR10+ encounters too, popping up. i only get these or a handful kobolds which are annoyingly easy encounters.

    Quote Originally Posted by brdy View Post
    Why do three normal Goblins raiding my camp have a +6 DEX bonus with no notable buffs to their DEX scores? +6 DEX means they have 22 DEX total, which is unreasonable.
    Actually that's a quite possible dex stat for a goblin playercharacter (but i never encountered goblins so far), just maximize dex (heck even my goblin barbarian had dex 20) but these are not player characters they are nscs, therefore they should be way less min/maxed as they represent the normal people (min/maxing is more suitable for pcs and major villains, perhaps some specialists, as they are some abnormalities).

    Quote Originally Posted by Ronin View Post
    Metagaming is not a concept in PC gaming, however. This game does not have knowledge checks to ID enemies, it does not have a system for what you should know in or out of character. Those checks would be difficult, although not impossible, to implement in a CRPG.
    That would make some skills WAY more useful, than they are at the moment (which is nearly zero). And it would represent another pathfinder aspect.

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    However, I've paid very close attention to the marketing of the game and therein lies the issue. The central message of the marketing is "play your way." Consider this marketing promo as the most recent example: The video suggests you should be able to not only create a sub-optimal character, but also a sub-optimal party if only because you want to do it. The video reminds players they will need to pay careful attention to mechanics and fine-tune to some extent, but the ultimate focus is on freedom over mechanics.
    It was marketed in the kickstarter it would be as much an pnp-pathfinder-experience as possible. And yes if you consider having a really shitty GM (i mean for example one i know who got kicked out of the support team because of leading games where players left the table on a regular basis) as the basis for this crpg than that was right. But quite some things do not make sense: i should be able to lie (saying one thing and later doing another) and as long as i do not actually do a thing it should not effect my alignment , saying "sure, i kill the hostages" just to not have to fight their guardians till i got them freed (and therefore better my chances in the fight) (not actually an example from kingmaker as far as i know) but kingmaker would make me actually kill them, after i said it. It's not that much work to implement the possibility to do things you said you wouldn't, in the tutorial you could say you wouldn't take the guards money, but could none the less (and you could say you only bring it to safety but couldn't actually do that).

    Perhaps the "play-your-way" approach only applies to the lowest difficulties.
    Not even there. My first character was built with being a diplomat/spy in mind but a charismatic rogue is simply useless in kingmaker, as it would only be useful in some problems and opportunities later in the game but as the pc can't just solve them on his own but it has to be an advisor who solves them play-your-way not even then is an option.

    I love challenging games--I'm 200% in cuphead, for example. However, a disconnect occurs when the marketing doesn't match the immediate product. It would have been perfectly fine, no review issues, if Pathfinder had marketed the game as a challenging, brutal game where you have to learn the tools of survival; people would have expected Dark Souls and come in prepared. Being told they can play their way, with their own sub-optimal character, party, and tactics and finding out they needed to do significant adaptation / waiting or they will spend time save-scumming was the problem. Personally, I don't think the game needs to change. I am happy the developers realized their vision; games like this have intrinsic value. However, then the marketing has to change because the streams I've watched and the complaints I've heard do not point to "play-your-way."
    Even if you would have expected Dark Souls you would be disappointed, as DS has actually a really fair ruleset behind. There are no enemies you can't do damage because your level is not high enough (sure if you are not prepared for a boss it could be a very long fight you have to survive, but even with the worst equipment you could defeat any enemy (at least theoretically).

    TL;DR: The game isn't inherently flawed. The marketing message set up false expectations for the experience.
    Actually as it was marketed wrong before actually building the game the game is flawed as it is not the game the dev were expected to make.

    Quote Originally Posted by No One of Consequence View Post
    Actually, I think it's easier than BG, by far.
    No, definetly not, BG had more useful companions and could be beaten with any player character (because theoretically you could beat the game only with the companions).

    Quote Originally Posted by Akka View Post
    I like sandbox games and immersion, so I don't mind at all that there is very strong encounters that you need to come back to later if you encounter them early. No problem at all. In fact I'd like to see more of them, considering how the region is supposely wild and untamed.
    I second that. but not being able to run away is the problem here, if you die you cannot come back later, sure loading a previous save is possible but technically you did not have that encounter than and therefore can't come back later to it, you just can get that encounter later on.

    But the single worst one, and the one that is being discussed a lot on Reddit and Steam : the ridiculous bloated enemy stats. Not only is it very artificial difficulty, it's especially annoying because it breaks the internal consistency of the world, means that nothing make sense and prevents from taking informed decisions. Regular Goblins have demi-god stat (we're talking about 22 dexterity for a run-of-the-mill, randomly-encountered skirmisher), a "mature leopard" has the same HP as a young dragon (it has 120 hp minimum, as I inflicted it 119 damage before t wiped my party) and so on.
    As for the goblin a dex around 20 is quite normal for their raiders (as i stated above) and as long as that leopard has around the same CR as the dragon it is quite common in pathfinder that they have similar HPs, but it does not make sense that this leopard is a that high CR.

    I really don't understand the design decision which led to this choice, which is extremely annoying both in term of difficulty spike, but more than anything in immersion. It feels like there is different sets of rules for my guys and for the NPC, it feels like everything is arbitrary and nothing makes sense, it means I can't guess what is the logical strength of foes, it means that I don't have anything close to the PnP experience.
    and that's the problem i think, one expects pathfinder (fair rules all play by the same rules) but gets paranoia (Knowing the rules is treason! The penalty for treason is the clone's death.) theoretically they use the same rules, but it seems that these rules are bend to favor the oppossition more than reasonable.

    Quote Originally Posted by FriarBob View Post
    1) It drives me crazy to have two events for a single adviser -- and not just a problem and an opportunity, which is bad enough, but two problems -- that last over 20 days not show up until there are only ~10-15 days left before they expire. This is just bad design. It should never be impossible to do something important like this. Hard, yes. Careful planning and juggling and management yes absolutely! (Especially on the harder levels.) Impossible, no. Ideally things should either A) always pop on day 1 of a month so you have TIME to plan things out, or B) never take more than 3/4 (even on unfair, 1/2 or less on easy) of the remaining time before they expire.
    or problems for advisors you just do not have, as you could not find any suitable person for the job until then or are not high enough in the respectif kingdom stats for the advisor to unlock. and as stated over and over again, you can't just fucking do it yourself, why does my int 18, cha 18 character need a treasurer to handle some merchants cutting taxes? (for example, i was way into act 2 and could not find any treasurer).

    2) Claim time, upgrade time, research time, etc... please strongly consider cutting it by at least 1/4 for the harder levels and at least 2/3rds for easy.
    or make it possible to pause one project to do another and resume the former afterwards, it's annoying that i have to cancel the whole progress of something because i need that advisor for another problem. for example do they really tear down the temple again just because my high priest has to work on another thing for a few weeks?

    Other things dissapointing / annoying me (i did not touch the game for over a month now, it just feels like i wasted way too much money on it, as i'm not sure if i will play it again someday):
    Quote Originally Posted by Kickstarter page
    We chose to adapt the Kingmaker adventure path because it features a host of open-world mechanics, allowing players to experience the story at their own pace as they explore the Stolen Lands, which will challenge you as both an adventurer and a ruler.
    not true, i have no time to adventure as i'm stuck managing the barony, to not lose the game, my own pace? i have 3 ingame-months to complete act 1, most of that time i'm on the map traveling, just to find ways to the places i have to go to, but at least i can explore. that gets nearly impossible in act 2 if you want to sustain a healthy barony, you'll be stuck on the map again and in the same time you have to find and grind low-enough-level encounters to not get killed nearly instantly and level up to become strong enough to fight your way through major encounters, which are mandatory and only the pc and their group can fight them, what is my goddam army good for? My own pace? Slowly building a kingdom while exploring my lands, not possible, i have to build the kingdom quite fast (most problems expire just in time to solve them at best, but if i am on a map adventuring, i can't look at the kingdomscreen to get one of the goddam advisors do their fucking job, they have their own agenda and bullshit? no! If you don't tell them exactly what to do, they'll just sit around doing nothing, and you can't even do things yourself.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kickstarter Update #2
    Your perfect hero
    We wish to make it possible for you to create and develop characters fitting as many concepts and play styles as possible. We want you to be able to replicate the characters that you are currently playing in tabletop, roll characters you’ve always wanted to play or that you had already played before, but you didn't get a chance to really watch them grow because of untimely character death or because your gaming group had fallen apart.
    As long as your play style is fighting and you want to play none of the more exotic/interesting races (the latter at least was to be expected).

    Quote Originally Posted by Kickstarter Update #3
    One big and important part of our game is the kingdom feature. We don't want the kingdom to be a simple gimmick - imagine the kingdom like an extra companion.
    None of the companions, hell not even the player character, makes that much work, it actually feels like work (but is even more frustrating)! It's too big and too important, way bigger than adventuring at least, the game feels like simcity or some other building game but less good, because less rewarding, there are annoyingly many problems that you have to fix and way too less time for it, as i have to assign my dumb advisors personally, as they won't do anything (perhaps not even eat, drink, shit) without me telling them too. Managing a whole nation in democracy was more fun than that or conquering the world in civilisation just by building economy and culture (and some defense forces that never leave their city). I can't imagine the Kingmaker AP was a (micro) management simulation of a barony / kingdom, i can't imagine any group which would play such a thing in pathfinder.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kickstarter Update #7
    There will be several special maps and events for the encounters while camping, be it a monster that is chasing your hunter, or travellers that decided to join you by the campfire.
    I once got attacked while camping on a fixed map, but anything other did not occure, and especially i have not seen any special maps for camping encounters (as there were none).

    Quote Originally Posted by Kickstarter Update #23
    to provide you with an experience similar to the fascinating atmosphere of pen and paper gaming. To do that we need to make the application of skills at least as frequent and at least as important as it is in pen and paper, if not as varied.
    I can't bluff my way around any fight? I can't just persuade the Stag Lords bandits it would be better to follow me than to die, even after i defeated dozens of them? The only way to stop an attack of a sentient being is killing it? Not to mention, i don't get a warning that an encounter could be too much to handle or if an enemy has some weakness / some deadly attack i have to look out for, even if my characters should be able to tell, because every one of them has at least one knowledge/lore skill maxed for their level (which should be enough to at least tell if an encounter is a significant higher CR than appropriate for my level / equipment).

    I tortured myself through a dozen (or two or three) hours of this game not enjoying it, hoping to find anything to hook me (which would mean i did not waste 200$ on it), i rather would just read the stories (the adventures, the lore behind some encounters, the companions background and story) than actually play this game again, it would be more fun, much more.

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    Harlekin, your problem is that you speak in absolute and you think your experience is the only possible experience. When I say that I think this game is easier than Baldur's Gate, it is my feeling and my experience, and I express it as such. So, your saying "no, definitely not" means you know more than myself what I have experienced, which I think is impossible, especially given the fact that you don't know me. Please try to not tell people what they think or feel. I had to cheat a great deal in BG to be able to play through many of the fights and even then I had a lot of trouble in many minor fights. I did not have that much trouble in Pathfinder Kingmaker, and I'm not the only one who says that most of the game is not very difficult, except the first 3 levels (and that is to be expected in Pathfinder anyway, even though I admit that some encounters were harsh), and the last part of the game. A lot of us think that 80% of the game is quite easy in fact once the bugs are out of the way.

    I can hear the fact that some encounters are unbalanced, and that you think it's a problem. I don't think that is too much of a problem in the beginning, as long as we have a way to escape, and I hope they will implement that in one of the patches (I'm not speaking about hotfixes).

    There are ways to influence many of the Stag Lords companions into not taking part in the fight, or even helping you.

    There are many things I could answer yet, but it's too tiring.

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    I'd like to add a point of view about the balance and difficulty problem.

    The game seems to be intent on being hard for absolute, full-throttle minimaxers. Everything seems tailored for a fully maxed character that will draw all bonus possibles from all items and bonus. And still be "challenging" to "hard" to him.
    Difficulty checks reach obscene levels later in the game, easily in the 35-40, when your characters are sitll around level 12-15. It means that to even succeed half the time, they'll need insane bonus (in the range of +10-12, so nearly doubling the base skill). That's just stupid. It means that a minimaxer barely scrape by, and that anyone NOT minimaxing will simply fail most of the time. It's insanely frustrating and annoying.

    Simply said, the entire game needs to be rebalanced to be "challenging" for an AVERAGE party that is NOT minimaxed to the hilt, and the difficulty levels being there to make it harder for the more hardcore players. As it stands now, it's simply frustration an save-scumming galore, and I expect most people to simply give up in disgust when being faced with numbers they can feel they can only reach with downright cheating.

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    I stepped away from the game for a while and came back to see if they adjusted the difficulty thing i pointed out. Looks like nothing has happened, which is annoying. At least they updated the descriptions to be a little easier to read, unfortunately they're still super misleading. "Enemy difficulty" drop down reads like it only adjusts enemy stats, but looking at the combat log you clearly see a Difficulty modifier in addition to the stat modifier change. "Enemy stat adjustments" reads like it focuses on DC and combat rolls, but the "Somewhat tougher enemies" option is the only one that adds the Difficulty modifier to hit calculations. Also, when changing this value to the min value or the max value i see no change on the base DC or modifiers to DC when casting spells against enemies. I'm sure it does something, but again not what the description tells me.
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    I have found the difficulty settings more than adequate to meet the needs/desires of most non-whining audiences.
    Easy/Story for casual players or people with not a lot of time
    Normal or below for non-pathfinder knowledgeable people (I "was" in that category)
    Challenging or higher for PF veterans/experts

    What a lot of people complaining don't realize is that this game is making a detailed and complex gaming system accessible to people who may have never played this ruleset or even DnD for that matter. There will be a learning curve for those folks but this is good. The game introduces people to this amazing PF system, at least in essence.
    Veterans may complain about nitpicky details or rule variants but is that any different than a DM would impose on his/her campaign?
    This games challenge lies in crafting team synergy (teamwork feats/class choice/multi-classing choices/feats) to create an adaptible party capable of slogging through this amazing Pathfinder Adventure Path

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