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    Forget the previous post; this seems fixed.

    *I can't post; i get a message saying I am permanently banned for a reason identified as 'none'. I only posted once and certainly was not an offensive post.*

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    I'm not sure who if anyone is checking this now but settings tab say I do not have permissions to change my username. I would like to change it from my e-mail address to either "Sol" "Shadow" or "shadowofLife" or be given the necessary account permissions to change it myself I would be grateful.

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    Can someone change my name back to DrBadvibes, don't want my email to be visible if possible. Can't change it because i get the message "You don't have permission to change your username. "

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    How can I change my email? when I click on the link found in settings 'Edit Email & Password' I just get sent to the Forum front page...



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    Forum troubles Post here but check the FAQ first

    take out trigger, and push the switch with ur finger than i will have 100 certainty that is not the spring
    i think its not a spring, but the micro switch or other electronic problems like encoder or something along the way from the stick to pc

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