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    Wizard "arcane object" (universalist) question

    I see the ability on the character sheet but can't figure out how it is implemented. Anyone tried this? is it something that just isn't working atm perhaps?

    Loving the game atm. :)

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    Nvm. I figured it out, you can use the arrow button above your spells (in your cast bar) to remember the spell you want (Just like the priest ability to convert spells to healing).

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    Click the hand icon to get the spell back.
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    DrBadVibes, do you know how to convert Cleric spells to healing/harm spells (or Druid spells to summons)? It's the same process. Put them on your hotbar, then click the little tiny arrow above them. There will be an option there to use your ability to use them again (and/or convert if that makes sense for your class).

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