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    Quote Originally Posted by Kheiran View Post
    I was more dissappointed with the beard selection of half-elves to be honest.
    Or the lack elven beards for that matter. That's beardcist! Even the Storyteller has a beard! So sign me up for more beards. And I also wouldn't mind having female dwarven beards, too. More fluffiness is always welcome.

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    Still nothing in 1.0.11

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    Yeah, right.

    Er... Is this a game-breaking bug ? Something that prevents players from finishing a quest or something ? Something that is so annoying that it will prevent thousands of players from enjoying the game, like the problems in Kingdom Management ?

    I guess not, so it's not high-priority, so it probably won't be done for a while, if it's even done. You'd better arm yourself with a lot of patience or you will face disappointment after disappointment.

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    In an RPG where a big selling point for a lot of people is the ability to create, design, and get immersed in their character, this is important. It might not matter to everyone, but it matters to enough people that there's no reason not to fix it. Not to mention, it seems like the fix would be so simple, that there's no reason not to do it.

    Also, you think game-breaking bugs and hair colours are done by the same people? Why would they be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreyJack View Post
    Also, you think game-breaking bugs and hair colours are done by the same people? Why would they be?
    Because we are talking for small team. Important features (like ability to choose your deity for every PC) were left out because of small team / not enough time. So we might get (for next game) more features, most likely will. But I would not hold my breath for completely overhaul of PC creating system and testing it (modeling, animation, how wind effect your beard / hair, will rain make your bold head look different and so on).
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    Fair enough, I understand how that would be an issue. Although, surely adding one hair colour to Half-Elves wouldn't be the same as a complete overhaul of the PC creating system, would it? Honestly, I'm surprised Half-Elves get two different kinds of grey/white hair, but no blond. It's a little baffling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShivaX View Post
    Disappearing hair colors in the general are annoying. Just let us have all the options for all the races. More options is always better.

    I get Aasimar have wonky metal hair so their options are more limited, but everyone else just give us everything. Similar thoughts on hair styles.
    Thing is Asamir doesn't automatically equal metal hair. The paragraph is . . .

    Aasimars often look very human with minor indicators of their unusual ancestry. These differences can span a wide range, but most often are exemplified by an unearthly beauty, hair that shines like metal, strange eye color, or even glowing golden halos. In many cases, an aasimar's beauty is not due to physical traits but rather to a supernatural tendency among others to interpret their features as beautiful or attractive.

    So an Asasimir could have blond hair, blue eyes, no halo and just 19 charisma (as its closest to attractiveness) or they could have shining silver hair, purple eyes and a glowing halo. Me I like going with auburn hair and amber eyes. Not entirely happy with the odd skin colours for that matter really would be better to have more options rather than less.

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