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    Things you feel are ruining (c)RPG now days...

    I recommend watching this video. I kind of do agree, Dragon Age Origins were way better game with more choices then Dragon Age Inquisition with dialog wheel. Allso some deeper thinking of stuff here:

    I allso do think that one of the main reasons to play RPG games in interaction with others, not just one way to do things, one or 2 options to talk with one person and so on.

    Allso why people now days need EVERYTHING to be told out loud? I bet soon we have games where even when you pick up an book there is sound telling what you read from it.

    If I can choose to have (rpg) game with 1 000 000 lines of words vs game with 10 000 lines of spoken acted lip synched stuff.. ..I allways want first option.
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