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    Owlbears... on steroids! AND METH! AND COOOKE

    Just arrived at the Bridge Over the Gudrin River, level 5 party. Explored a little, fought the local beasties (no sweat), and found my way up to a plateau with two Owlbears. Being familiar with the Pathfinder ruleset (understatement), I decided to take them on after pumping the rest of my buffs. About 6 rounds in, everyone is dead. D-E-D dead. I reload, and sort through the combat log, and LO! They have a +20 to hit! 1d6 PLUS 18 DAMAGE. A BASE ATTACK BONUS OF +14! HAHA! Quite the joke, I suppose. Just for fun, I looked up "The First Owlbear," a mythic creature. ITS BAB is only +10. A normal owlbear should have a BAB of +4. Now, I'm playing with the "Challenging" ruleset, however I've turned the enemies down to "normal" difficulty (I didn't want arbitrary numbers added, nor do I need everything I fight to be "advanced" to enjoy the run...) SO I guess, unless someone important reads this and realizes, "Hmm, maybe we SHOULDN'T have turned two CR 4 creatures into a CR 12-14 encounter," then all I can say is, BEWARE THE (owl)BEARS!
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