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    Arcane Weapon - Shock is instead granting.. Brilliant Energy?

    So on my Eldritch Archer magus I recently got to level 5. I noticed that for some reason when I used the arcane weapon enhancement on my masterwork composite longbow for shock I was not getting the 1d6 shock damage, but rather saw it had the Brilliant Energy tag on the weapon after I used arcane weapon shock.

    Brilliant Energy does not grant that 1d6 shock damage... Rather it causes the weapon to IGNORE all armor and shield bonuses.

    So uh, thats nice and all but totally not what I should actually have.

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    I have a similar bug on my magus. None of the arcane weapon enhancements add any damage at all to my sword.

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    The other ones are granting me damage, but it did not actually show on my weapon (or as a buff on me). I had to look at the damage after I hit someone and see the breakdown.

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    Looks like they are all bugged, you can activate 2 elements at a time or one element and keen, but you can only spend one spell point so it's maximum 1d6 or keen?

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