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    Absolutely. I'm a long time veteran of cRPGs and D&D, but never played any kind of Pathfinder before and I didn't know what to do with character creation (I mean, I could have just picked a couple things based on D&D knowledge, but it was apparent there was a lot I didn't know about Pathfinder and I had no in-game info to go on so I did a little research first and concluded I just needed to make a simple character to start until I learn more).

    Also, the bugs and difficulty spikes / nearly impossible random encounters that happen(ed) are responsible for a bunch. Then, there are a bunch that are from actual Pathfinder fans that are really annoyed they have no option to click that says "give me the true PNP balance/stats experience", which IMO is a legitimate gripe even though I personally have no Pathfinder experience.

    The fact that "normal" includes massive buffs to random mobs vs what the PNP rules say is a weird decision. Even if they determined that PNP rules would make the video game too easy (because of party optimization / powergaming) they should have still made a selectable level that was "PNP true" with a tooltip explaining that they felt this mode was too easy for seasoned/veteran cRPG players and "normal" mode would be a more appropriate difficulty level for a video game despite not being textbook accurate.

    I am loving the game so far, but there's no conspiracy here. The bad reviews are almost all legitimate and understandable form the player's perspective. They don't really apply to me and I am loving it anyway, but they're not fake or "agenda-based" by any means.

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    I gave it a "not recommended" review because of the game breaking bugs I've encountered, but my review says that people should wait until its patched to buy it, rather than to avoid it entirely. I'll update my review when the game is properly playable.

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    Bought the game, haven't played it yet, waiting for a little but am excited. Funny, when I ready the reviews that it was too difficult it made we want to purchase it more. Reminds me of Pools of Radiance ... I remember to get out of the first area you had to kill a troll that was almost impossible ... it is a fond memory.
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