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    Alchemist Problems

    So I just picked up Jubilost and brought him into the party for the first time. Shortly thereafter we found a random encounter and I tried using his alchemist bombs. It seems that they can only be used by directly targeting an enemy with them vs aiming for the ground behind for example, in order to avoid bombing your party members. Am I missing something/doing something wrong?

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    There is a way to turn that off, shows up in loading tips all the time. Never really payed that much attention to it myself though :(

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    Thanks I'll look deeper into the settings...that gives me a lot of hope at least lol!

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    I believe Jubilost arrives already possessing a feat that prevents his bombs from doing splash damage to allies.

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    I just want to take a minute to publicly declare that BobTheBard is a gentleman and a scholar. Yes, Jubilost does indeed possess such a feat and I had been too afraid of injuring party members to test just how bad his splash damage would be until your comment! Thanks for effectively solving my problem!

    Also Amardarial's suggestion was solid as well. I found the 'AoE spells snap to nearest target' option in the settings. Even after turning that option off they still seemed to want to snap so there's either a problem with that feature or I just need to restart.

    Either way thanks to both of you!

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    I think alchemist bombs can only target enemies. I'm not familiar enough with alchemists in PnP to know if this is wrong.
    Keep in mind if you were targeting ground, you'd only be doing low damage since the main target takes full and everyone else takes splash, which is a lot less.

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    This is true, you can only target enemies. However, without the Precise Bombs feat the splash damage from the AoE will affect your allies, which can be a problem if you're throwing bombs into melee.

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