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Thread: Respec

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    I guess some players don't actually want respec.
    That is true, allso I do not want to use mods. Maybe (way) later. But I actually do use one mod if we can say so. It add over 200 new portraits to the game ( ) Heroes of Stolen Lands.
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    The problem of “mods” is that’s kind of cheating. Official respec option is much better.
    At least for player-picked feats and stats of his character and NPCs

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    It's not an online game, so how is it cheating? It's more like homebrew rules, which is quite normal in pnp rpgs...

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    An official way to respec would be awesome. I have no desire to use mods.

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    It a good idea, respect would be most welcome, the real question is, if it gonna happen ???

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    +1 for an official Respec option

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    I´d like that too. Even if had some in-game cost.

    We need respec.

    The char is ok. Right stats, skills, feats, etc.

    But i´m drowning in powerful greatswords...

    And given my crit build, i´m stuck in ACT VI with the same Falchion +4 i got mid-game and already accepted i´ll have to finish the game with it...

    Because my stupid 2h-weapon artisan only makes me more greatswords.

    And is not like we can craft our own gear in this game...
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    The ability to respec would be awesome, and I think it should be fully featured and free. The player should be given any power that they can be given when it comes to molding the game to his liking, and while I would settle for just being able to reelect the feats that are chosen during character creation, I would much prefer it if there was a game-mode or difficulty setting which allowed for full character recreation.

    As a P&P DM, I like that the NPC characters have some glaring flaws about them. It makes them more believable and much more interesting to work with. At the same time, when it comes time to replay this game, I would love to be able to turn around, rebalance and optimize builds, and outright rework some of these NPCs to be the envy of Bhallspawn everywhere.

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    Thanks guys, I think they were listening. Because through my entire playthrough with the 2.0 EE, I have had the option to respec by talking the pathfinder that always hangs out the bar.

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