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    Hey devs/ guys, any chance to implement a respec option?

    Maybe at the end of Chapter 1, or at level 5...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TT1 View Post
    Hey devs/ guys, any chance to implement a respec option?

    Maybe at the end of Chapter 1, or at level 5...
    A training dummy like the one on the trading post would make sense for that... you click it and "retrain a new set of skills and setup". If implemented. It would probably be the easiest option for adding such a feature, if they intend to allow it.

    I can relate, I'm sure several of my skill picks were less than optimal :P I just wanted to get on with playing XD

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    save game editing is to the rescue.

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    I am going to hijack this posting (I can't make new threads yet) with a few other requests/suggestions.

    If they have been suggested or are work in progress then apologies.

    1) Random Encounters: More information based on how well the perception check is made when you spot them (numbers, humanoid, large creatures, small creatures etc.

    2) You can actually choose spells when you level up that you can't actually cast, best to just forbid them.

    3) Enemies maybe "calling for help" (or they hear a commotion) if they have alies close by, basically I slaughtered some enemy pretty close to their comrades, their comrades obviously didn't like those guys and left them to be slaughtered.

    4) Items left laying about will eventually dissapear (and or a way to close chests).

    5) You are able to sort Shared Storage, it would be nice if you could do the same with your vault storage.

    1) When buying in quantities an option to put in a number would be nice. I know you can double click and move a slider, but try buying say 15 BP when the shop chap has 25k...
    2) Some kind of vendor refresh to save on save game bloat. Basically junk items will get deleted after a day or so (not sure if quests need junk items though, not found one yet, but if they do, then this might be awkward). Only magical/quest items will get preserved?
    Certain common items could be restocked, and the BP could be X amount a week instead of that huge number, etc.

    1) Skipping a day when in the kingdom map, I don't think is counted as resting, but maybe it should be? Also, do you get some kind of bonus for sleeping in your kingdom (if not maybe they should - something minor though)?

    1) Animal companions to act as sentry.
    2) You can't hunt in dungeons which is fair enough, but why can't you cook meals?
    3) You should be able to hunt for more meat than members in the party (random from failure to X amount over party number).

    Great game though, shame its on unity, games on untiy always have lousy loading speeds -.-

    ALSO there is a respec mod in the nexus website and a game editor with basic function in github.

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    Respec would be welcome! Otherwise we have to resort to save editing, which seems kind of risky. Fingers crossed!

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    I definitely support a necessity for a respec option.

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    While respec would most definitely be a welcome addition (count me in), I would settle for an ability to play around with character planning / creation, since the interface already exists.

    what I would do is simply add to the main menu a "Plan a character" option, leveling from creation to max, and allow to save it once it's planned all the way to 20.
    then (for extra credit) allow the people to load their saved character plan like you do with all other premade builds.

    this would definitely go a long way to eliminate the mistakes I'm making leveling up characters, mostly because I don't know how choices I'm making when leveling 3->4->5 would fit a 20 level puzzle...

    so for me it's a definite yes on respec, and a could you please on a planner.

    thank you.

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    Planner sounds handy actually. Respec is useful too, although potentially abuse-able (custom making a character for certain occasions), although I am guessing there would be a limit or a cost to it if it were to be implemented, I think there should be at least one free respec for correcting mistakes.

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    On reddit someone postet a respec tool. You can select the chars that need one and yeah its realy simple. One annoying thing is that you need to put all items in to the castle trunk.

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    Kingdom Map:
    1) With Barony resources, could there be UNCLIAMED/CLAIMED/UNCLAIMABLE in text added to the description. I know you get a little placard thing, but sometimes it is hard to see.

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