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    Nazrielle's Greatest Creation - Sartayne

    After I am sent by Nazrielle to deal with Sartayne, I'm running into an issue where I cannot interact with him. I located him near the large house in the town square, but when I click on him to talk there is no response.

    If I click on him at a distance, the game doesn't register anything and I do not move towards that location.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I'm having the exact same problem.

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    same here, also Three Wishes has the same problem. And the quest with Bokken is also messed up. Most of the artisan quests seem to be bugged and not worth doing because they have time limits on them as well as well as long travel times.

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    I haven't had a single of the artisan quests work, lol. I must have met about 7 or so of them but even when I seem to be getting through the quests like with the dwarf who needs the pieces of Lawgiver armor, I never ever receive a reward for it. Of all the bugged quests these and the companion quests need urgent fixes, IMO.

    And I have the same bug as OP with Nazrielle's quest btw.

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    I had this happen, but somehow it got fixed by exiting the area to the tavern, and returning to the main square. Only then was it possible to initiate dialogue.

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    The bug still is present in 1.0.13c
    Had to reload the map by going to the tavern and back.

    Also the summoned Leopard is freindly and doesn't seem to disappear after his death.
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