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    My question is; what do we need to do to get these features added? What's the minimal feature you guys would like?

    I like the Overland Flight one, but they don't have any concept of flight in the game. Notice even the wyverns are always on the ground? This might just be a limitation of the game.

    Teleport Circles are a great idea. This might be really easy to implement with a door/exit mechanic that loads into another region with a specific starting location. Making these dynamic might be hard, but they could leverage the same mechanic they use for placing campsites.

    Teleporting itself could be insanely easy if all you do it permit a spell to trigger an exit and move to world map. The player can then click on a any visited region to complete the teleport. You can even do the random miss and have them go to a nearby location. The tricky thing would be how to deal with things like a separated party or when they are in the First World or something.

    How do we get this in front of the developers? How do we get feedback on prioritization? Anyone know the answers to these questions?

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    The whole game is built around time elapsing while traveling, for good or ill. I doubt any "fast travel" mechanisms would be implemented, because they could break the kingdom and time mechanics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SinisterXOne View Post
    The whole game is built around time elapsing while traveling, for good or ill. I doubt any "fast travel" mechanisms would be implemented, because they could break the kingdom and time mechanics.
    I don't think so. I think there are some Kingdom quests that kind of loosely rely on this, and when it comes to game mechanics, I don't think it's fair to say that a mechanic that allows you to overcome an obstacle is a bad thing. I mean, if they just wanted us to fail quests (which despite overwhelming evidence, I don't believe they do) than they would just make a pop up appear every 5 minutes saying "You failed!"

    In any case, game, I don't think fast travel mechanics would ruin this game. Not at all. After you unlock them at later levels, it will feel like a great reward and gameplay would start to evolve. Isn't that what we all want?

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    What if, settlements on the same river/connected rivers (on map connections only, not going all the way through mivon), has NPCs you could talk to and 'book passage' on a boat to your capitol or any other linked settlement?
    Or claimed region travel speed upgrade projects to improve roads?
    Time would pass like when you are claiming a region, fast.

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    There definitely needs to be fast travel, this game burns too much time and creates too much frustration with its loading screens/slow travel/random encounters/rest/fatigue mechanic. I honestly do not feel I am playing "Pathfinder kingmaker" I am playing "Pathfinder the frustrated waiting". Teleporation circles and magic would make the game so much better and more fun.

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    Agreed. I think we're all saying the same thing here. Let's see what the Owlcat says.

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    Oh, and it looks like they want it too. ;)!

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    Faster travel on the rivers seems like a resaonable request there is lots of commercial traffic between harbors according to the ecnomic boosts anyway. Teleportation circles could be limited to L2 or L3 settlements to make settlement placement and development even more important?

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    I've done a little digging and it seems like this forum is the best way to get the developers attention so we should do two things:

    1. Make a little noise here. If you want this feature, chime in.
    2. Let's be very specific about what we want.

    For what we want, I think we can summarize it to the following:
    1. Some kind of mechanic to reduce the monotony of overland travel.
    2. Some kind of reward to make us feel like bosses when we get to high level.

    To achieve these we've come up with a number of ideas that might have varying effort to develop and impact on gameplay:
    1. Horses
    2. Riverboats
    3. Fast Travel via cut scene
    4. Overland Flight
    5. Teleport
    6. Teleport Circles

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    I'll toss my hat in the ring with a Kingdom Project after you reach... oh... 30? 40? Stability to reduce rate of fatigue and increase travel speed inside of claimed regions.

    Also. Can we PLEASE rebuild Nettle's bridge? Please? That would also help with traveling as you could go up & around the mountains easier instead of being stuck taking the southern passages.

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