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    Teleport and Faster Overland Movement at High Levels

    Having just hit Level 11, I think its about time we had some teleport, or at least some means to move faster than a bunch of level 1s. It is a serious oversight that this was missed in development, especially when the enemies(or clerics w/o UMD or any other mean to teleport since word of recall doesn't exist either) seem to have this ability so they can cutscene away like many badly written tv villains.

    We need a faster way to move so that we can get back to the capital faster, like you can in the AP.

    Cutscene escapes are bad writing, and i expected more from a team that seemingly played this game before.

    I do enjoy the game for what it is, a pathfinder-esque game that resembles the plot of the AP a little bit.

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    It is really, really weird that the whole design goal of this game was to mirror as much as possible the Pathfinder, Kingmaker experience in a CRPG; but removes teleport and similar long distance travel as an option.

    There isn't a group of players over level 10 that merely hoof it around their campaign world, especially in those instances where so much of one's success rides on timing .

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    Agreed, it seems like a natural reward for the hard work to earn that spell. It would even be okay, imo, to restrict targets to major locations like settlements and named areas. The "little dots" on the map can be argued as too generic and un-memorable to be valid targets. Exploration will still require walking as well, so it doesn't even eliminate the need for that.

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    I was playing a universal mage build, just so I could get TELEPORT at some point ... thanks for pointing out that its missing and saving me all those hours of playing only to be disappointed! ... still hopeful it will eventually get added in a later update

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    I just wish I didn't get fatigued and have to rest every 10 seconds as well.

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    It is strange that stuff like Wind Walk and Teleport don't exist in any fashion. Or Create Food and Drink. But no non-combat spells do other than Detect Magic, so I guess it's not that surprising.

    They could've let us buy horses or something.

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    That is what is most surprising to me, they could have added a teleport to previous location, or as above at least horses. Instead it seems they inflate the difficulty artificially by removing the staple spells of level 10+ play. After playing pathfinder for a decade i can say this game simulates level 1 really well, and level 9+ quite badly.

    If they get added later perhaps i'll try and finish the game, or a cheat mod to do what should have been added for any level 9 wizard.

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    Being able to cast Teleport to someplace you've been would totally make sense.

    Hell, even something as annoying as having to build Teleportation Circles in your towns would be interesting.

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    The simple d100 test whould translate very vell to the game. Teleporting mishaps should be a possibility imo. They are fun...when I DM at least.

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    If I remember correctly, lorewise the feywild messed with non-permanent teleportation outside of vision range. Teleportation circles would still be nice additions between settlements.

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