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Thread: Flurry of Blows

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    Flurry of Blows

    So, my 2nd attack for my monks unarmed strike isn't showing; but maybe it's factored in automatically? Maybe the fact that my monk is multiclass is an issue? Anyone else experiencing this issue?

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    I've had the same issue and so have several others, both on these forums and others. It happens to single-class monks as well. Personally, I don't think the second attack is happening at all. I'm hoping that it's a bug that gets addressed, because right now my monk has both low DPS and a substandard AC. At the moment what he does best is dying.

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    The games uses the unchained version of the monk that does not get a penalty to his attack when he uses Flurry of blows so it is supposed to be used automatically. I do believe it is working

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    So it is in constant effect and not an on/off toggle ability or a clickable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tecumseh View Post
    At the moment what he does best is dying.
    Ah, yes. The best specialty one character can have.

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    yes furry of blow is automatic and is working fine, you can see that in the log with several attacks in the same turn

    you need
    -monk weapon or bare hand in your main hand
    - bare hand in your second hand (no two weapon handling)

    by the way my dext monk is easily above 40 AC, better than valerie

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