Hello everyone!

Please, be aware of the plot spoilers in the description below (in the Quest, Areas and Kingdom sections)!


The "Turn the barony into an independent country" objective of the quest "How to Build a Kingdom" could get stuck even after the player fulfilled necessary conditions. Resolution: fixed.
The "How to Build a Kingdom" quest got stuck on the "Reach rank 8 of any kingdom's stats" objective even when the rank of kingdom stat was already 8 or higher. Resolution: fixed.
Added information on where to find Jenna during the "Lost Child" quest to the Journal (she is waiting for the player at the Capital Tavern, as she always was).


The peasant rebellion at the Capital Square conflicted with the romance event at the Tavern. Resolution: fixed.
Nok-Nok could get stuck in the "Goblin Clearing" area. Resolution: fixed.
For Tristian and Jaethal, incorrect dialogue could be displayed after the "Test of Loyalty" event. Resolution: fixed.
From now on, companions involved in a romantic relationship with the player will gain twice as many affection points for dialogue interactions during the Twice-Born Warlord and the War of the River Kings chapters. This will give the players another chance to properly develop their romances before the game's finale.


The number of new projects shown in the kingdom UI could be incorrect. Resolution: fixed.
The event about Jubilost's article could trigger even after Jhod was not available to present it. Resolution: the event will not happen in this case.
Incorrect visualization for results of Pitax Influence events. Resolution: fixed.

User Interfaces

Many tutorial illustrations have been updated.
Carry weight: there used to be no notification on party overload. Resolution: fixed.
Inspect: the DCs of checks that must be passed to reveal information about enemies were added to the Inspect window.
There was no information on the Favored Enemy bonus with ranged attacks in the Combat Log. Resolution: fixed.

Classes & Mechanics

Some effects from cleric Domain Powers did not provide bonuses. Resolution: fixed.
Some cleric Domain Powers did not show the proper number of charges left on the control panel. Resolution: fixed.
Aldori Defender's ability Defensive Parry was only giving +1 AC regardless of character level. Resolution: fixed.
Wild Hunt Archer's Attack bonus increased every time they attack targets in some specific cases. Resolution: fixed.
Players couldn't level-up Octavia using a premade build. Resolution: fixed for players that haven't had Octavia as their companion yet.
Enhancing your weapon for +2 with Arcane Weapon Enhancement while Enduring Blade was on resulted in only a +1 bonus. Resolution: fixed.
Enabling more expensive Arcane Weapon Enhancements for Magus and Divine Weapon Enhancements for Paladin would not always disable the proper amount of previously used enhancements and did not properly recalculate the enhancement bonus left. Resolution: fixed.
Bonuses to attack and damage from Shield Master feat were not showing up on the character screen. Resolution: fixed.
Shield Master feat did not negate the penalty you suffer on your attack rolls with a shield when fighting with two weapons. Resolution: fixed.
The Lantern King's Curse restricted characters' caster level and didn't impact on outgoing healing. Resolution: fixed.
Balance adjustment: the Dаmage Reduction and Energy Resistance of enemies is halved on Normal difficulty and disabled on Story difficulty.


Some bow models could make the character model invisible in the Inventory. Resolution: fixed.
Linzi, Tristian and Jaethal could disappear from the party roster in some cases. Resolution: fixed. Affected players can pick up the missing character in the Capital.
Players were confused by the absence of a loading screen after the "baronation" event - there was just a long fade-out instead. Resolution: fixed
Short bows had visual issues while equipped on the back. Resolved: fixed.
Some fixes for death and fainting animations.