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    Another Broken Moral Dilemma (Nazrielle Spoilers)

    Finishing the Nazrielle's Greatest Creation quest chain left me with a sour taste in my mouth. As a Good character I try hard to maintain my Good alignment and always pick the right thing. Now I learn this guy has been deliberately ruining an innocent crafter's reputation out of revenge and even admits to trying to get her executed, and in the process has been selling cursed items to my barony's citizens. Yes, she's probably just as sinister as he is, but she's not actively hurting anybody. So what is up with the potential responses? The alignment tags associated with many of them don't make a whole lot of sense. Let's run down the list.

    If I choose to let him go, that's Chaotic Neutral. I can see this. CN has always been the 'IDGAF' alignment, and it also lines up with the faith of Calistria, Pathfinder's Goddess of Revenge.

    If I choose to accept his counteroffer that's Neutral Evil. I would rate it as Chaotic Evil since you're choosing to backstab the person you made a deal in good faith with to support her much more sinister and openly evil rival.

    If I choose to kill him, that's Chaotic Evil. Chaotic I can see, Evil not so much. The guy is, by all standards, fully deserving of it when you look at all the crimes he's committed and how completely unrepentant he is about it. I would almost consider this a Chaotic Good action.

    If I choose to throw him in jail for his crimes that's Lawful Evil? Why?! This is the one that makes me bang my head on the wall. What is Evil about locking up someone who has admitted to committing several major crimes, hurt dozens of innocent, unsuspecting people, and tried to use me as a proxy to get his rival executed? Yes the person he's trying to ruin is a psycho herself, but he has very definitely done several evil things and stopping him is very definitely a good thing. This is Lawful Neutral at worst and I don't think even a paladin would flinch at jailing him for his actions. Nazrielle is no saint but that doesn't even remotely excuse anything this guy did.

    So in the end I'm given a choice between a CN response and three Evil responses, leaving a Good character no way to not take an alignment ding, and some of the Evil responses don't even make any sense with the information I've been given because they're not really evil. I unflinchingly picked the Lawful Evil response (My first Evil action of the entire game) and will accept the strange alignment hit to do what is basically the right thing. Did I miss a check somewhere that would have given me another option? Is the plot not over yet? Where does the Evil come into play? I genuinely don't know.
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    yeah. The alignments for the crafters feel... odd.
    Honestly? My paladin is gonna fall to L/N or L/E at some point I think because a lot of the 'good' options feel suicidal or stupid to me.

    Or they are Chaotic. And I'm not really feeling the Chaotic, I prefer the Lawful.

    There were a couple really odd 'L/G' options I've found as well. For the Trolls the L/G option was slaughtering them all. I mean, I don't mind. I like slaughtering defenseless pixels but L/G for that? Should have been a L/N probably.

    There was a L/E option to "hang him, he's a spy" for Harrims quest. I'm just sitting there like wut? Thats not lawful. Maybe? But thats totally Chaotic. Harrim is denouncing them. Harrim. C/N Harrim.

    Alignment just feels weird and being pigeonholed into a conversation that you can't escape without an alignment hit feels bad.

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    And all the True N: "eh, I don't care".

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    Thats actually apt. N/N is apathy.

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    I'm responding ages after this all was originally posted and discussed as I have been finally continuing my campaign. In my new play-through I've opted for a Chaotic Good character; I mostly do what is good, but I can be flexible at times. Still even without any major complications if my alignment shifts, the options presented to us leave me face-palming regularly.

    In struggling with the choices surrounding Nazrielle's quest, I came upon this thread and I have to agree with the OP. As of 31 March 2019, the alignment consequences for this and other interactions are still just as seemingly silly as they've been from day one.

    That said, I'm still really enjoying the game, but I wish OwlCat would give the alignment shifts an overhaul. Probably not going to happen as I realize on their end it could be logistically dubious for them...but this is me putting it on my personal wishlist for future changes all the same lol.

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