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Thread: Bartholomew

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    I... didn't have that experience.
    I talked to him early (as soon as Jubilost became available.
    Discovered stuff about the branded trolls.
    Went LN on the troll experiments
    Killed the Trolls
    Visited him on the way back and asked him to become my advisor.

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    I went LN but Octavia was with me and protested. I didn't wanna upset bae so I told him to free Dimwit and stop with the experiments. Still didn't wanna join me, despite giving him the whip back.

    If I'd known he was gonna be a jerk about it I wouldn't have returned the obviously evil artifact (I'm a Paladin).

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    Mine was bugged :(

    Saved him while he was being beaten up my trolls, but couldn't turn in the whip quest after I got it, but before I killed harulka

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    I found the whip and it triggered an Octavia dialog. There was no option to just return the whip. The Lawful Good option was to break the whip (which is NOT lawful by the way, that should be the CHAOTIC GOOD option.) I let Octavia have it because it was the most minor hit to my alignment that I would accept. I figured she could "play" with it a while and then I can order her to hand it over when we talked to him. The quest journal still said I was duty bound to return it even though it was seductive. I went back to his house and he said

    "My treasure. . . you let it slip through your fingers. I know exactly where it is now but it's no use. . . I'll be chasing it forever".

    Total lie!!! Octavia had it and she was standing right next to him. I thought he knew "exactly" where it was? How can he not know it is just a meter away? It made no sense.

    I went back to the capital and talked to Octavia and no mention of the whip was in her dialog.

    It's a broken quest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    That wasn't my experience. I forced him to stop his experiments but was super polite to him otherwise. I asked him to be my advisor, but no diplomacy checks were involved. He was very curt to me and clearly wanted nothing to do with me.

    Bartholomew seems to have a very fragile quest line.

    You must meet him early on, before dealing with the trolls.
    Complete his first quest of helping him examine the Branded Trolls.
    Later you'll get a quest to check on him. You must save him from the trolls.
    He'll give you a quest to retrieve his whip.
    When you find the whip (in Trobold) return to Barth immediately. Do not clear the dungeon first!
    You should be able to ask him to be your advisor now, then you can finish clearing out Trobold.
    I did spend the time clearing the dungeon after retrieving the whip and had no problem returning it to Bartholomew and ending that quest succesfully. I did stop his experiment, so he refused to work for me. Not a big loss in the eyes of my CG Inquisitor.

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