Apologies if my writing isn't particularly concise here, I just wanted to voice a concern I have.

Some background first. I've been playing Pathfinder for probably close to 7 years, so while I missed the Kickstarter phase of this project, I instantly went and pre-ordered my copy of this game. I had just finished playing Dragon Age: Origins for the first time, and loved the idea of being able to play Pathfinder in a similar vein.

Now, about 25 hours into the game, I've conquered various dungeons, avoided areas I learned about from other players (like the linnorm), so I started looking into the romance options. I understand that, as a person who enjoys story content, I probably should have looked into this sooner, but the game was honestly a lot of fun, so that part of me got sidetracked by the kingdom building, the lovely adventuring and swooning at Amiri. So, after some digging, I found the list of romanceable characters: Valerie for men, Tristian for Women, and Octavia or Regongar for either. As a queer woman, I enjoy representation as much as anyone else, so when I saw the name Octavia, I went "Haven't met her yet, I wonder where she is..." Did a bit more research, and then became VERY DISAPPOINTED. I understand that this style of games revolves around being well-informed and well-prepared, sometimes even restarting and looping back playthroughs to get the optimal situation. I've save-scummed my way through a couple of fights already.

BUT, that does not excuse the ONLY queer romance options being available ONLY in the first Act of the game AND only if you get a random encounter AND finish the additional quest. The heterosexual romance options are given to you relatively easily (Valeria before you even leave the intro level in most cases), so I find this, while not exactly discriminatory, at the very least suspect. Especially given that the romance options were a tier given for the Kickstarter campaign (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects.../posts/2285648), so I'd hope for a little bit better execution. Now, if it turns out that the encounter is still available after Act 1, I would be more okay with this, but from some research (https://steamcommunity.com/app/64082...6911761080851/), it seems that is not the case.

That's not the only forum post I found, but it raises a good point- If the encounter is only available in Act 1, there are other story options available that would necessitate a complete rewrite or undue work on part of the devs. Steam user Axiomofanarchy says "While it might be weird for them to try to enslave you once you're the baron, that doesn't mean those companions should be completely unavailable. There ought to be alternative events/encounters for later acts which allow you to acquire Octavia and Regongar; the league might, for example, try to convince you to permit slavery in your lands and offer them in trade, or, perhaps, thanks to a runaway slave running into one of your patrols, you might get word from an advisor that there are slavers moving through your lands and choose to liberate their captives."

TL;DR- I love this game, kinda weird the only queer romances you can have require fore-knowledge and many hoops to jump through. Not a bug, or something that needs fixing, just something I think needs addressing.
Thank you for your hard work