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    Maybe she actually missed the encounter on her playthrough but that whould have been a bug as other have explained.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShivaX View Post
    You can't it's one of those "You encounter something on the road" events that can not be avoided.
    I had to load an earlier save before and totally avoided

    Other ‘someone’s on the road’ events may be missable as well which, is likely a bug or oversight.

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    What I find amusing in this is that the complaint is absolved by just restarting and being aware.

    This seems like a big deal the first time you do it, because you've already spent 5 hours getting to where you are. But once you know what you're doing it takes a lot(!!) less time to get to the same point in the game - and 5 hours are really not much when the game will take you 100+ hours to complete.

    There are genuine and real complaints that objectively hamper the game. But not getting the kind of action you want in the way you want it seems a silly complaint and is subjective to boot.

    For me, I like to work for something and then be rewarded for it. Getting Regongar and Octavia is like finding a treasure when compared to Valerie and Tristian that are more like your working for your weekly wages. You could say that making Regongar and Octavia available from the start would actively reduce my enjoyment of them in the same way that it would increase your enjoyment of them. In other words, it is subjective which arrangement is better.

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    It's resolved by being aware on the second or third playthrough. It is not resolved by being aware the first time through if you never encounter the scripted event.

    If the scripted event is indeed missable (as demonstrated by Katchelina) then we should treat this as a bug. These drive the story and should not be missed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirandel View Post
    To be fair, you did not ask - you accused developers for favoritism of straight people, that was both rude and completely unfair.
    Let me sum it up:

    Straight men have two options, straight women have two options.

    Gays and lesbians have only one option and both are a couple and you need to break them up even if they are on the verge of breaking up.

    Hmmm... We lgbtq folk are very used to this kind of narrative, seriously. Dont try to make the OP the bad guy here =)

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    Waaaah. Waaaah!! Guys I want me milk milk and the boom boom ;-)

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    I'm glad that they included at least one gay male options, but I think they could do better. If you role play good character, that want to exclusive romantic relationship, it hard to start romance with Regongar. But everyone else has at least choice to romance good or evil alignment characters.

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    Honestly, my first impression of Tristan was more as a possible companion in a gay male relationship.

    You really have to cause a break up between Octavia and Regonar? He, at least, seem interested in a 3 person relationship. While I am hetero, it doesn't seem a bad idea, if all the persons involved are willing.
    Well, as much as PC characters can be willing, actually. ;-)

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