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    Bug: Character quests fail to fail when character dies during execution

    So I have been hit by bugs in Prove your Worth and Kingdom of the Cleansed, where the quest log lists a step as successful and fails to advance, and/or fails to finsih.

    I figured out what was causing it during Kingdom of the Cleansed for sure (reproduciblity is awesome!) if Tristian dies during the fight with the cultists (which happened until I decided to stop messing around and practice crowd control via fireball -- he is pretty squishy) he doesn't have his conversation with me on the map,e ven after he stands back up again.

    I don't know if the same thing happened to me in Prove your Worth against Tuskgutter (that was a long time ago, and I didn't realize I was bugged until much later), but it . . . might have. I managed to get around it for Kingdom of the Cleansed, but given how many bug reports exist on Prove Your Worth in the steam forums I hope a future patch will somehow retroactively fix saved games and/or they'll say how to fix it.

    Edit: Correct behavior would be to fail the quest, IMO. Then player knows to retry.
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    Interesting side note: even after successfully beating the quest for Tristian by save/reload, the quest is still listed as active on the world map with the red exclamation point.

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