It's been a year and a half in game since I decided to resurrect Lebeda.

I then got spies from him and there is no project/quest to get rid of them.

If this is intended, I find it very poorly designed given that you have to chose lebeda way before you even understand what his role will be or have any chance to guess is alignment. (I pitched him for a Chaotic neutral guy at the time).

I'm guessing this must be a bug (as in project doesn't show up) because having two advisors rendered completely useless for a choice you make at the very beginning of the game seems unfair and not on par with the whole chose your actions and fix your mistakes I got from the game so far.

If this is quest locked, then ignore my complain, but so far I haven't find anyone who was able to fix this issue.

I'm still loving the game, great work.

Thank you for everything.