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    Taking gold off shelves in somebody else's house is stealing... Or is it?

    I've just begun the game and have played through the intro up to and including leaving for Oleg's. But I think I might be unnecessarily setting myself up for suffering.

    In the house at the beginning, during the assassin attack, there's a box of gold that's obviously a story point and will affect alignment and story. But what about all the other treasures in the house? There are gold and jewels and market goods sitting on bookshelves and in chests all over the place. I left it all alone since taking it would be stealing from my hosts. But is it there to reward players who look everywhere, without an alignment penalty for taking it? If so, then my group will be starting with an unnecessary disadvantage and I should restart.

    It's just unclear (as yet) what the program will take note of as theft and what is there intentionally as reward.


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    That box of gold is the only point at which your story is affected to the best of my knowledge.
    And it doesn't even effect your alignment to its a wash anyways.

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    If it has a penalty for taking it the game tends to be exceptionally clear about it. Most everything else is fair game. In my head I tend to treat it as stuff they either don't care about, have forgotten about, don't know about, or lost.
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    "Coins in the couch" mentality - didn't know they had 6 gold tucked behind a book in the second guest room, they aren't likely to miss it.

    It's harder to swallow when you stagger into the great hall with three suits of Guard's Banded Mail in your arms and Aunt Veronica's heriloom necklace and rings in your pockets... But that's almost every CRPG since the beginning. "Smash every barrel and trashcan - there's bound to be a Potion of Healing or a half-dozen coins in it!"

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