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    Best feats for ranged/fighting druid

    My druid is mostly a healing lady who fights with the spear. Any good feats to take?

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    While their are innumerable ways to make a druid I'm going to oversimplify and say that your 2 main paths are primary wildshape secondary caster or primary caster secondary wildshape. In either case you'll probably want nature spell as you want to be using your wildshape either to hurt people or to pad out your AC and that just lets you not worry about it, heavy casters can skip it but it doesn't hurt.

    After that if you want to be more melee your going to want power attack, if you have the strength, and weapon finesse, only if your dex is at least +2 modifier higher than your strength and you intent to beast shape smaller for agile damage. Also I'm not sure what the wildshaping options are at higher levels but vital strike might be an option if you can pick some of the giant one bite and done things like the classic T-Rex but more attacks is usually better anyways.

    For casters Things like spell penetration, spell focus (evocation, most druid casters I've seen are played for damage), elemental focus (fire or electricity, either one tends to have good options), and maybe combat casting if you don't want to do the standing back with the squishys casting spell until something makes it into the back that you engage to protect them style caster.

    So druids tend to be a bit mediocre as healers, although I'm working off table top experience as I didn't make on in this game, as their healing spells after cure light wounds are a level behind other casters, or they did in the table top version anyways, but it is certainly a something they get to contribute.

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