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    Does anybody else feel like they are robbing their citizens?

    The 'stuff' in the houses, the tavern, even in Oleg's outpost. How is my LG paladin able to take this stuff from the citizens?

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    You do not. But my LE Aldori Swordlord (/ rogue) can do it and be happy with it.
    So we roleplay, if your aligment say "yes" you do and take it. If it say "no" you do not take them and we all are happy because we have option to choose.
    "Road to the man's heart go through the chest"

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    If you feel you shouldn’t, then don‘t. If you are asking for penalties... well, see it this way: You are destined to become king. All is yours to take. Lawful good doesn’t necessarily mean nice.

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    Generally in these CRPGs I justify taking everything that's available by saying they are gifts / were unwanted / were maybe found while travelling from one place to another. If Pathfinder Kingmaker had a mechanic like Pillars of Eternity where things were locked up and if you get caught taking them someone starts shouting "Thief! Thief!" I wouldn't grab everything and anything. But the game expects you're going to take these items and has absolutely no penalty for doing so, so I take them. Another thing this helps to stop is the window showing the loot you "left behind" every time you leave town. If not for that window I would've probably been more likely to leave things behind.

    I wouldn't mind if there were a stealing mechanic, but it's simply not implemented.

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    I agree that it's real-real weird. The 1st time the game really tries to emphasize that choicss matter is an event that's fine / without penalty in every other instance of the game.

    I dunno, since I discovered I could, my Paladin has been taking every potato and coin he can scavenge. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    Even weirder is the first time its "You took my men's gold bad you." Second time its "You missed these trophies do you want to collect them now?" Even if you deliberately left them in the chest because it belonged to someone else.

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