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    Yet another class help requests Magus vs Feyspeaker

    This time, I'm think of choosing Magus class... but Feyspeaker still looks nice, but I played as Feyspeaker so much, it became bit tedious to play a druid.
    My party Amiri, Valerie, Linzi, all pure ladies, Tristian cleric/sorcerer/mystic, Octavia rogue1/wizard3/arcane trickster10/the rest wizard
    So I was thinking of playing as:
    ranger stormwalker
    paladin unknown archetype as yet
    eldric scion magus
    feyspeaker druid
    ranger/wis druid dip
    Alchemist vivisectionist archetype
    ranger/eldric archer magus dip or even eldric archer/ranger dip
    ranger rogue

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    ranger stormwalker - solid, boosts damage early, loses animal companion. Which is actually quite strong with bond feat.

    paladin unknown archetype as yet - haven't tried myself in this game yet, but seems fine, hospitalier looked mechanically weakest. Default may be best for melee. Don't know really. Better than DnD 3.5 Paladin I think.

    eldric scion magus - Regongar is actually weell built for this role, but if you don't like him, try one out for yourself. Generally though, 3/4 BAB fighting classes are a bit weak, and it requires a lot of babysitting. But this is fine for a main character and you may even prefer that. Buffed and using spellstrike they're decent. Otherwise they're.. not so good to say the least.

    feyspeaker druid - no comment.

    ranger/vivisectionist - don't know if these synergize as well as fightertype with dip in viv or roguedip with viv.

    ranger/wis druid dip - no, not ever. ;) same spell list, lost caster levels for little return.

    Alchemist vivisectionist archetype - It's a strong archetype. Don't know if you like it. Relies mostly on selfbuffing, but there are discoveries that let's you buff others I think.

    ranger/eldric archer magus dip or even eldric archer/ranger dip - I don't think these synergize well.

    ranger rogue - no comment really. Sneak attacks are easy to get off they way they are implemented, even when ranged.

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    I have nothings against few more replies.

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    So you got the tank base covered by Valerie. Any ideas where you are taking her in terms of development? Going the stalwart defender route, dazzling cornugon debuffer with (probably still bugged) thug synergy, self-buff dragon disciple or a bit of a mix? I'm warming more and more to Valerie, because it seems she has so many different ways to go with. I haven't gone far into the game myself though but I have planned lots of party make-ups, that's half the fun. :)

    Amiri as a glass cannon, check. Stats being a bit too well-rounded (and the wrong archetype, claimed by many), she kind of offers herself for multi-classing also. I have played with the thought of going barbarian 10 for pounce and then rogue 10 for the master rogue trick debuff. Others swear by giving her 7-8 levels of two-handed fighter to get her consistent damage up a little bit and have her wear heavy armor. What did you have in minf for her?

    Octavia as arcane trickster covers trickery and arcane caster roles. Nothing to add. Arcane trickster is one of my favorite classes in PnP.

    Tristian as mystic theurge is what I intend for him on my first run also. A secondary arcane caster and secondary or even primary divine caster. This sets his cleric casting back a lot though and he will peak late into the game. So that might chalk up a small reason for another divine character in the party.

    Linzi as caster bard, presumably also providing some measure of ranged support, I am all for that. Bards are force multipliers and do well in a full party of six (even better with pets and summons around). I would maybe dip one level fey sorcerer for the extra DC to her charms, that's it.

    All in all, a strong party when it comes to arcane casting. I would maybe lean towards a paladin (sharing smites with the party at level 11) or a vivisectionist (sharing personal-only buffs with the glass cannons) to round them off, or maybe one of the pet classes - ranger would provide some well needed archery support. Eldritch scion might be too squishy for this party (but then again vivisectionist might be too). My favourite MC so far has been the sword saint magus, which is my most likely candidate for the first completion of the game right now. Also one should never forget the other force multipliers available: the team work feat-sharing classes (I need to play an inquisitor past level 2 myself to confirm their value, but on paper they look great if you can find some way to beef them up to avoid hits) and the freebooter ranger, although that one loses his pet in the trade-off. The only dips I would consider for ranger are arcane archer, bard or inquisitor (several levels up to the point where they get an important imrovement to their team sharing abilities, but wthout taking too many levels away from ranger - only works for ranger types without pets though), but given the ease of getting sneak attacks in maybe rogue or vivi is viable too.

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    I planned Valerie to cover up for Amiri while fighing, Val to be the shield, while Amiri to be the sword. All pure, both of them... and Linzi pure bard, also...Yes, I think I will try to go with paladin/cleric since I really want high persuade and something new. I was considering ranger/rogue, but it will miss persuasion+cha, so that's off, at least for now.

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    It's hard to suggest what someone else should play when it isn't a question of mechanical comparisons. You intended party would work just fine on it's own, and is basically my party although I'm not multi classing Tristian but I'm running wizard so I'm wore worried about the amount of high level divine spells I can have rather than padding out my arcane.

    That all said my experience with the game so far would say druid or ranger/rouge from your list. There have been a number of time where I think to myself "ugh if only one of these ranged characters could engage that flanking guy or catch the spill over from the front line" So to that end snap my fingers and I'm a bear or trust me long bow is a melee weapon both have an appeal to me.

    When multi classing i tend to lean a bit more towards rouge than Vivi because it makes you stretch your stats a bit less and I like how debilitating injury and rouge talents feels to me like it scales better than mutagen and your under leveled infusions.

    You could still do just fine with ranger/rouge for reasonable persuasion. 12 or 14 is pretty doable for base stat and you have it as a class skill and you have enough extra feats that you could grab skill focus without much of a cost which puts you at being pretty good at it.

    Also I personally really like the hospitalar paladin archetype you don't tend to have that many big fights a day anyways and you can get all those delicious delicious channel positive energies. You can probably be fine without but you do lose healing potential multclassing Tristian and level 12 for soothing preformance takes a while to get to.
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    I did some playing, and I ended up with general paladin, but not sure if I could uphold the lawful good aligment.

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    You can. If you don’t like the LG answers and actions, you have nothing to fear. After Atonment has been added to the game, you are more or less free to chose any non-lawful, non-good Action.

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    I haven't finished Chapter 1 yet but I'm assuming if I'm going to be some kind of ruler then Charisma should be one of my high stats. Sometimes the game lets you use your party member with the highest stat/skill combo for certain tasks, but it seems when it comes to dialogues it's almost always your main character and I expect it'll be more so when you're dealing with the rulers of neighboring kingdoms.

    Because of those reasons I'd suggest going with Eldritch Scion or Feyspeaker because they both use Charisma as their spellcasting stat and a Magus can be of any alignment while a Druid can be of any alignment with the word "neutral" in it.

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    You occasionally have to make your own checks, I'm a ways farther than you and I've had non abysmal chances with just full ranks in a non class skill. I'll probably be affording skill focus into it to compensate for how out of place persuasion is for my character. I've also seen situations where you make your own knowledge checks and such although I'm going to say those are probably more rare than persuasion.

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