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    Bloodbird Debuff (possible spoilers)

    I'm in act 6 and several of my characters have gotten the Bloodbird debuff. In the tooltip it states that either a DC 26 religion (treat affliction) or DC 26 caster level check when a heal is cast is rolled to remove the affliction.... Only problem is that when I try to dispel it it states "failed to dispel: DC 37" that is a little above a DC 26 hehe, making it "close" to impossible to remove unless you have a character with skill focus religion. At the moment I am making my way to the lantern king.

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    after entering section with the apology cup, somehow it was easily removed... me confuzzled hehe

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    Treat affliction does not seem capable of removing it (reloaded 10 times with a religion skill of +29)

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