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    Quote Originally Posted by No One of Consequence View Post
    Which means that a 1st-level spell will always be easier to save against than a 2nd-level spell, and so on. Given the Save scores of many foes at the middle levels that I have reached, 1st-level spells have a very tiny chance to succeed. That's also why I prefer to keep my low-level spells for things that will always be useful, especially for classes that have a very limited number of spells known (Sorcerers, Bards, Inquisitors, Eldritch scion...).
    Interesting, thanks. That was similar to what I was thinking: i wanted to favor L1 spells that might still find uses later in the game. Thanks for the confirmation that I'm not totally out to lunch on how the system works :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpbiker View Post
    That's kind of what I was afraid of. Thanks for the confirmation. It felt like the game was not very CC-centric compared to some others I've played.
    It can be, but those spells tend to come at higher levels.

    Web, for example, works fine against anything other than the DC being fairly low for high level things. Tar Pit or whatever it's called at level 6 or 7 is really strong and stays strong.

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    Well... looks like Circle of Death & Undeath to Death just became more interesting.

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    Earth. Or so I was told.
    Yes, I saw that. And the wording of the reasoning in the patch is close enough to what was said here to reasonably think they might have read us.

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