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    Kingdom of the Cleansed Bug?

    Hey folks,

    I know the bug is supposed to be finished, and I blithely let an auto-save expire under the false pretense of the bug being squashed. Despite cleaning out the map of the cultists and a cut scene triggering wherein the First fellow opens a portal to head out, the quest log is still stuck on "deal with the cultists!" I don't know if I'm missing something terribly obvious or if there's still a bug.

    But the cut scene triggered, the First Father or whatever his name was scarpered off. I went back to Tuskdale and spoke with Tristan, but he doesn't have any new dialogue options. Not sure what to try, and desperately hoping I don't have to redo the last two hours of again in an effort to not have this quest fail on me.

    Anyone have any advice, other than "next time remember to save, even if the bug notes indicate the bug's been fixed"? Because trust me, that lesson I am 100% committing to memory!

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    Go back to the place where you killed the cultists, it should/might get cleaned up when you enter the zone.

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    I tried that, unfortunately. Even searched the whole map in case there was a stuck cultist in a running animation trying and failing to despawn. I've gone back to the previous save (what's two hours, really) and I'll save before entering the spot this time, but I'd rather know it won't happen (or if it does happen, have some gameplan for how to fix it) next time.

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