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    Hotfix 1.0.13 – October 25th 2018

    Probably the last time I can post this as soon as this after the actual hotfix release, I go back to work tomorrow... :(

    Hello everyone!

    Please, be aware that there are plot spoilers in the description below (in the Quest, Areas and Kingdom sections)!


    "A Simple Favor" quest could not be completed under certain conditions. Resolution: fixed.
    "The Door to Nowhere" quest could not be completed in rare cases. Resolution: fixed. Jubilost will correctly spawn at the "Tavern" area.
    Players couldn't talk to Fredero Sinnet while doing the "Shelyn's Chosen" quest. Resolution: fixed.
    The "Amiri Wants to Talk" kingdom event could get stuck in some cases and the "Reforged Blade" quest didn't start. Resolution: fixed.


    Lootboxes in the "River Blades' Camp" area could not be looted. Resolution: fixed.
    There interface to enter the Capital's sub-location was absent in some cases. The players could enter the "village-state" Capital Square instead of the available "city-state" one. Resolution: fixed.
    NPCs at "Pitax" area said incorrect phrases in the dialogues after Pitax conquest. Resolution: fixed.
    One of the key character could die during the final fight resulting in the incorrect ending (part of the dialogue options could be missing). Resolution: fixed.

    User Interface

    Party roster wasn't saved correctly when players enter and exit the Capital. Resolution: fixed.
    There could be duplicated and missing portraits in the saved games. Resolution: fixed.
    Dead companions couldn't be selected in the Inventory and Character Interface if they died in the area different than the current one. Resolution: fixed.

    Classes & Mechanics

    Alchemists who lost their bomb ability due to an issue should have it back.
    "Fighting Defensively" counted "Mobility" ranks with a dexterity bonus when determining whether to give a +2 or +3 bonus. Resolution: "Fighting Defensively" counts only ranks now.
    There could be issue with characters lost their "Weapon Proficiencies". Resolution: fixed.


    There could be issues with save files if players exited the game while a save file was being written to disk. Resolution: the game will exit only after completing the save procedure.

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    Thanks for posting this.

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    Stuff that became broken by the last hotfix are still broken. In Pitax palace there is an inaccessible chest to the back-right of the golden golem. In the basement, the passage that you do an athletics check on still will not "widen" even on a successful check. The hand is still there, but the note with the check and DC is gone.

    Also, I had a strange thing happen in Pitax. I went to the docks to resolve the pirate task and the grimoire. When I walked back to the capital square, every guard in the square (including the bodyguards of friendly NPCs) attacked me immediately. Any ideas on that one?

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