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    House at the edge of time [SPOILERS]

    First I'd like to say that I enjoyed the game up to this damned House. Even if he difficulty is hellish : I've played Pathfinder since it's release, and almost all of "Baldur's-like" game, and yet this game on "normal" difficulty is a lot harder than the "extreme" mode of the other games of this kind.

    So... I've reached the house, by killing fairly easily her "pet" (which was supposed to be one hell of a fight) and now I'm stuck against the "troopers" at her house : Fey rogues, striking with Force damage, an aura of blindness and an aura of paralysis.... They got tons of Hp/Ac/Saves too. And they're boss can dispel you're protective spells. The particular room I'm stuck with, I usually last around 4 rounds before having all of my team dead.

    Add, that 2 of my PCs died because of events with Nyrissa (the game is still pretty bugged, so I failed to complete their quests), and now I HAVE to set the difficulty on Easy... And still lose. Even in Story mode I have to reload a couple of time.

    These enemies "troopers" are way too powerful, in fact, the bosses of the area are EASIER than them.

    So, I hope that you, dear developers, do something about these completely overpowered enemies that ruins the fun of the end game.

    Edit : Oh! I forgot to mention that the blindness effect is permanent and that you can only rest if you have enough rations....
    That's just dumb, you got to heal 3-4 characters of the blindness effect at the end of each fight, without TONS of Heal, you just can't do anything. And I'm playing right now on the lowest difficulty possible.
    The 6th chapter of the game is worth a 2/10 if you're being nice. It's bugged, extremely poorly balanced, frustrating with it's enigmas and not fun at all.
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    I have to give it a +1.
    That sounds like the same thing happening to me.
    2 Companions died, cause i couldn't finish there personal quest.
    And than, there's the Wild Hunt with there ridiculous crystal attacks.
    Buffed my whole party with freedom of movement and everything buffing save roles.
    Conjured the Wyverns i had picked up along the way, conjured other things to keep the pressure off my party.
    But there were just too many of them.
    In the end i had to give up and take the story road aka easiest difficulty.
    Felt good at first to stick it to them, but still feels like a defeat.
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    Yeah, I've just defeated the hag and the worm man on HARD, and I lost to the next pack of minions on STORY mode...
    And after 2 more hours of dungeon delving I ran out of rations so.... Game over. After 120+ hours. I did bring about 50+ rations, and 50+ scrolls of Heal and Mass Heal, still wasn't enough, because you can't rest and you lose some of your party members due to the story (not to mention I've never encountered Amiri or Ekun in my 3+ hours exploration of the castle).
    I got no backup save so... I have to start over? Woo... So much fun...

    This game was released way too soon. i mean, I defeated without breaking a sweat a Wyrm Black Dragon, but I can't beat a pack of troopers?
    Enough is enough.

    Did you even remotely even tried to test the end game?

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    Yea, this was the first real area that made me question things, steam roll everything, reach this, and wipe after wipe, buffs are useless, AC is useless, and they 1-2 shot everything..summoned 20+ things, all dead in seconds.

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    This house is pretty insane. I turned the difficulty down to Story Mode and still having a hard time.

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    I lowered all enemy difficulties as low as it can get, and used auto-level companions. Still these paralyzing npc's simply walk through my party. Only my paladin can get will saves but he can't hit them in melee no matter what i do. I'm hoping they'll just lower the difficulty of these wild hunt enemies or i won't be able to finish the game it seems.

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    Oh, and per the patch notes:
    "The dead companions could be incorrectly resurrected with the "Raise Dead" spell during the "Test of Loyalty" event at the "House At The Edge Of Time" area. Resolution: fixed."

    So that, might... yeah.
    Haven't replayed that zone since the new patch (nor do I intend to for a long while) so if that means that any companion you don't finish the quest for becomes permanently dead? hell no.

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    One thing might be interesting to know.At what level were you reaching the horror house?
    I was about lvl 16 and had to tone done to story mode. Since then, it was doable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom360 View Post
    One thing might be interesting to know.At what level were you reaching the horror house?
    I was about lvl 16 and had to tone done to story mode. Since then, it was doable.
    15, dealing damage was no problem if my party wasn't paralyzed all the time, lowest will save in group was 18, even if they do will save they get paralyzed by next npc since there're like 7-8 of them constantly spamming that spell or aura and it seems like it stacks?

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    I was level 16, but 2 of my teammates died because the game was so bugged that I couldn't do their quest line. And I couldn't find Ekun (or Amiri) in the damned house. So I was stuck with characters I didn't like, with no good stuff (yeah,you can't even loot the dead one) against the worst enemies designed ever.

    Special mention : if you choose to recruit Tartuk in your kingdom, you auto-fail Harrim quest. Oh nice! Such a pleasure to discover that one of the pillars of your team will die no matter what in the end simply because you chose to recruit a Npc!
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