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    Quote Originally Posted by Stratagemini View Post
    Technically there's a region upgrade (I think it's Kamelands?) that gives you horses and reduces travel times.
    Good to know. How does one access region upgrade? I did the roadshield project, it said that I gained access for a region upgrade but didn't seem to have unlocked anything in my settlement building management.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stratagemini View Post
    As for you, Kotarsis! We all know you wrote Ekun and did a lot of work on the Kingdom system. But generally CMs aren't usually coding and writing at most larger studios. since being a CM is a full time job in and of itself.
    well I didn't know that :| Ekun and his dog relation ship is one of the funniest feature I've seen in companions, so kudos for that detail

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    I don't know how difficult this will be to implement.

    There's a lot of equipment that can be gathered in game. Most of them usually end up being sold to NPC merchants. My suggestion is to add an armory where you can donate these to your barony's/kingdom's troops/military improving its Army rating. It would be nice to see some guards 'shining' because the baron/king has donated more than enough magical equipment for the military's use.

    The same idea can be applied to the Culture, Divine and Arcane.

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    Question, is it possible to access the original in game portraits somewhere? I can't find them and would like to use them to make new portraits for my personal use. Screenshotting lowers the portrait quality drasticly.

    Why are they so well hidden?

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    Just thought I'd throuq this in here as its left me annoyed enough to consider taking a break from the game for a time. Please if a choice we make invalidates other options give us some indication. Specific events that led to this . . .

    1) Chapter 2: Recruited Tartuk, Choose "Restore Bronzeshield fortress" as its a pre-requisite for road of shields which I liked the idea of.
    2) Chapter 5: Got region upgrades, Choose when BP became available to "Restore Silvershield fortress" again as pre-requisite for road of shields.
    3) Late chapter 5 got enough spare BP (lots of events popping) to look at next upgrade and realized there was no bronzeshield fortress.
    4) After hunting online found out that recruiting Tartuk in chapter 2 prevents me getting the "Bronzeshield" region upgrade but NOT the "Restore Bronzeshield fortress option"

    so I have a region upgrade that does literally nothing for me, another region where one upgrade is locked out because of a choice I made and the other may have one (Need to look into this) and am faced with either contnuing as is or reloading a save game (last one pre-silvershield is several weeks back) and replaying through a large amount of content to get back to where I am currently.

    I don't mind having consequences for my roleplay decisions good or bad (I'm fairly sure some of them are going to hurt me in the future) however in this case the situation feels like it was set up to deliberately mislead me.

    1) Restore Bronzeshield option has the same name whether or not you can actually pick the region upgrade.
    2) It will given the storyline probably happen well before you unlock region upgrades so its not immediately obvious.
    3) The related event that determines if you can get the region upgrade is something you wouldn't even think of affecting it or at least I didn't.
    4) There's no warning or indication when undertaking related projects that they are a waste of time and if you do pick them no other benefit to offset what you lose.

    Anyway I just feel it'd be nice for something this complex and interelate there was a little protection for a player even havnig both bronze and silvershield upgrades tied to being a murderhobo would help or if you are a decent person the silvershield regional upgrade gave some other benfit as you can't unlock road of shields.

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    I liked this donate gear to kingdom idea. I think it should raise kingdom stats slightly when done.

    I also agree that (up to normal difficulty) it´d be nice if you got a warning whenever a decision has scripted but (to a new player without a guide/walkthrough) unforeseen and irreversible consequences.

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