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    Some suggestions

    Hello Devs, I don't know if we should still can post things here, but I have some things which should be nice. If one of them already suggested, I'm sorry.

    1. A timer which you can see in the quest journal for sensitive quests. For example,in my first playthrough my kingdom got destroyed by the trolls, I was exploring the map ect which needs much time, only the quest with the curse got a timer. Maybe I did too much mistakes in the kingdom, I didn't really took it serious and honestly didn't really understand it, I only play RPG games 😂

    2. add a option to set personal notes on the map, sometimes you are too weak or your skills too low to lockpick a treasure for example. Would be great to do personal notes in the quest journal too.

    So, it's enough for now, I'm sorry if these things were already suggested

    Edit: saw that someone already suggested it, I'm sorry, just saw it
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