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    1. Shards could use a numbering as in 1 of 10 shard's of the forest knight would be a big help in knowing how many are needed and which one I missed or need. Also some of them if not all have to big of a negative and not much of a good positive on them for the work needed to get them.

    2.There should be at act 3 a smithy/mage shop that can craft anything we hope for like a +5 speed dueling sword ,+5 armor ect as long as we got the money and possibly parts needed for such an Item.
    3. The Kingdome management needs work both in the mini build a city part and time management less events should happen to give time to do projects #1 being the High Priest needing to do the research on curses all 45 days to do. Possibly open the city with two positions for divinity would make it better one just to handle projects the other to do events. Or some fix to make it easier to get them done for the true ending.

    4.the mini city builder I think at the upgrade time you should get to choose the layout of your buildings and control of which way they face. for instance you get the whole area in black squares at first and you highlight and select which squares you want for building on. For instance you can pick spots that are lonely or separated and elevated spots for a tower give additional bonuses. and last a button to flip which way a building will be placed.

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    Some suggestions and bugs, since we cant start new threads.

    Bug: At the Troll Wilderness / Dwarf ruin, there is a bugged athletics check to the left of the main gate, the description is some gibberish.

    Bug: In my second battle on the bald hilltop, some critter with a blindness aura appeared, the visual effect stuck with my characters for weeks of game time. The cleric guy, Tristian, still has the blindness effect around his head 2 acts later. In the field in the capital in the throne room, its stuck on him forever.

    Forgot some, so editing.

    Suggestion: Change the way kingdom events resolve. If a visitor is waiting in the throne room, and you accidentally start a 14 day project that locks you into not being able to act, you will end up eating the penalty for making them wait. If you are in the throne room, visitor events should resolve BEFORE long projects start.

    Long projects should indicate that they will lock you up for however long before you start them.

    For the love of all that is holy add quick exit from all the capital rooms, there are a billion loading screens between your bedroom and the world map.

    Suggestion: Metamagic sucks, always has outside of a few gimmick builds. Taking a low level spell and putting it in a higher spell slot, but it still saves like a low level spell and its damage or effects will be worse then if you just prepared a spell of higher level. DnD 3.x had some optional rules somewhere for metamagic allowing for X free uses per day per feat (maybe modified by spellcasting ability modifier?, I don't remember). I dont think PF ever got around to adding the optional rules, but could you please include them so metamagic can be used some time. Basically like the wizards free extend and reach spell, but for anyone who picks the feat and under the metamagic tab, so we can live our our dream of empowered extended maximized reach cold substitute twinned double cast fireball of doom.

    Failing that tell me how to mod it and ill do it myself because metamagic sucks just that bad.

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    Нello, guys! Really hope this message will be read )))))

    Some ideas to you, which is really need to add in your brilliant game!

    - TURN-BASED COMBAT, which can be an option
    This option will make game morec closer to original rules.
    Planning in such game is very important. Any heavy combat is lkie garbage now, combat logs are unreadable, cause for 2 seconds of combat logs became on 3 A4 pages.

    I want to see my reach and reach of my enemies. Huge glaive reach.
    Add READY ACTIONS. I want to counter spell with my greater dispel, or be readied vs approach and make a attack/cast a spell.

    - CRAFTING CUSTOM ITEMS (weaponz, armor, accessiories)
    It's unfair not to give player option to make his character without option to craft items for him. I want to craft specific armor or weapon from specific material with specific enchantments.
    Why i cant use Mithral chainshirt in midgame having 10 artisans? Or silver sword? Or cold iron keen falchion +1?
    It will be cool to customize appearance of this items in game too, such as color of armor, spikes, horns, and so for

    Create or hire soldiers, develop them and fight in strategic events on global map
    Events for baron's army and advisors, like mini quests or combats.

    Mode for creating and testing character builds in nonlethal combat.

    - TEMPLATES and SUBRACES, MONSTER RACES with level adjustments
    For min-maxing
    Different elves (wood, dark, etc.), dwarves (gold, dark, etc.), gnomes, orcs, lizardmen, werewolves, half-dragons, trolls, kobolds, goblins and so forth.

    - blackguard, sacred fist, arcane hierophant, baldesinger, archimage... basic classes from Dungeons master's guide

    - MOUNTS
    For fast traveling


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    Please remove Perception checks to discover locations on the map. I'm toward the end of the game and cannot discover locations to finish certain quests. Sectioning off large chunks of game content because of bad dice rolls is a pretty horrible design flaw.

    Otherwise, loving the game, great job.

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    Please Dev's listen to this. This game could literally be on the level of PoE or Baldur's gate, after about 40 hours and my main quest failing I had to bail though. You have done a great job fixing things up to this point please, please do something about quest timers (optional, longer, or if nothing else show them so people know 100% that there game is going to end. Thank you!

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    Ok, I really doubt my message here will be heard by the real devs and more over taken into consideration, but I really hope for it. I know, it's been a while since release, but I've just beaten the game, and, as the thread name hints, have several suggestions.
    IMHO Pathfinder is one of the true RPGs, very nicely done. I haven't had such joy playing the game since DoS2. However, I can't recall any RPG where... stats of your character matter. I mean matter except for fights and handling different situations. I really would like them to affect ending as well. That would be really cool. I know that this opens up a way for cheating, but let me describe it a bit more.
    Basically, you have several endings depending on your choices during the game. But sometimes choices are just an attempt to choose a lesser evil. While you are never given power to extend the range of possible options. Yes, there are things like doing sth good if you did sth good before, but that's very often is not enough. I did enjoy the "secret ending", which I finally got, but my character (who's a mage seeking power and immortality) would do different, if he had possibility to do so. And - here's the main thing - if the normal human being has 10 intelligence, and kraken has around 23, I would really like to see my character having an option to come up with another solution due to his intelligence being above 30. Like... you're in the world of magic, aren't you? So you definitely have a lot of possibilities, even if they're limited by weirdness of magic - but that's what intelligence is for - overcoming obstacles. Travelling across the first world, having your kingdom where you can gain knowledge and meet magic experts, why can't Mage lvl 20 with 30+ Int either come up with extremely smart solution or discover somewhat an essence of magic and become closer to godhood? Nethis is a good example that this is possible. Maybe he spent hundreds of years to reach such power, then OK, but we still could have some better options having Int +30 rather than 10.
    Same goes for other attributes. Without spoilers, let's imagine we could reach more profitable compromise when there's no completely satisfactory options having 30+ charisma. And so on...
    Sad, that no matter whether you have 9 Int or 34 you are limited to certain amount of endings. Pathfinder is absolutely astonishing, and that's one more thing to make it even better.
    And Jaethal romance. She's awesome. After completing her quest certain way (no spoilers), why not?

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    Greetings, I hope i'm posting at the right place !

    One thing I have noticed in game is a severe ... i'd say lack of balance, in the weapon distribution. I found a lot of exotic weapons that none of my characters can use. I could sell them to buy other items, but the merchants inventory barely changes so far.
    I only uses two exotic weapons: Bastard Sword on valerie (which she has by default) and dueling sword on my own character. I have found only one of those, in the merchant inventory (aside from all the non-magic ones the smith has).
    Maybe having a refresh in merchant supplies, with randomized items would help a bit. The weapons would still feel rare, but we'd have a chance of getting one.
    Maybe adjusting the spawn of weapons on ennemies or in chests based on the characters feats too. If a character has exotic proficiency or specialization with some weapons, maybe they could appear a bit more often, so they aren't stuck with the same weapon for the whole game.

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    Ok, I really doubt my message here will be heard by the real devs and more over taken into consideration, but I really hope for it.
    Ouch. Implying that CMs are "not real devs" is not the nicest way to start if you hope to be heard, don't you think?
    Let's hope that I misread that message...

    In any case, to everyone reading this - don't worry, folks, this is the right place to post. It's not the only one as well - we read the forums regularly, and all of your feedback finds it way into the hands of relevant specialists, both directly (because they lurk teh forum) and indirectly (because we gather this good stuff for them every week). Don't worry if we didn't reply to your particular message - unfortunately, we just don't have the time to answer to all of your messsages, because you are legion! Still, we do our best
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    - MOUNTS
    For fast traveling
    that's actually something that I find quite weird/funny in the game. You basically always walk to travel, whether you're a baron upstart or a powerful king. I mean, there are even horses at your capital, why couldn't you ask your subjects to provide horses for your party for fastel travel?

    Give the option to buy a cart as well and you could have a couple options for fastel travel, which would help so much with the numerous complaints of the hard timers. The horses and the cart does not even need to be visible when you visit a location, though some horses or a cart waiting at your spawning point could be doable?

    Horses wouldn't necesseraly require additional rations since there are grass to be eaten everywhere, but giving them rations when resting could help boost their speed/endurance?

    Maybe adding a cool mount like drakelings could be fabulous 8) though I wouldn't count on it. Horses are far more than enough.

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    Technically there's a region upgrade (I think it's Kamelands?) that gives you horses and reduces travel times.

    As for you, Kotarsis! We all know you wrote Ekun and did a lot of work on the Kingdom system. But generally CMs aren't usually coding and writing at most larger studios. since being a CM is a full time job in and of itself.

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