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    Quote Originally Posted by Stratagemini View Post
    Technically there's a region upgrade (I think it's Kamelands?) that gives you horses and reduces travel times.
    Good to know. How does one access region upgrade? I did the roadshield project, it said that I gained access for a region upgrade but didn't seem to have unlocked anything in my settlement building management.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stratagemini View Post
    As for you, Kotarsis! We all know you wrote Ekun and did a lot of work on the Kingdom system. But generally CMs aren't usually coding and writing at most larger studios. since being a CM is a full time job in and of itself.
    well I didn't know that :| Ekun and his dog relation ship is one of the funniest feature I've seen in companions, so kudos for that detail

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    I don't know how difficult this will be to implement.

    There's a lot of equipment that can be gathered in game. Most of them usually end up being sold to NPC merchants. My suggestion is to add an armory where you can donate these to your barony's/kingdom's troops/military improving its Army rating. It would be nice to see some guards 'shining' because the baron/king has donated more than enough magical equipment for the military's use.

    The same idea can be applied to the Culture, Divine and Arcane.

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    Question, is it possible to access the original in game portraits somewhere? I can't find them and would like to use them to make new portraits for my personal use. Screenshotting lowers the portrait quality drasticly.

    Why are they so well hidden?

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