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    Shaynih'a's quest not fixed!

    Patch Notes: 1.0.9

    Quote Originally Posted by SinisterXOne View Post
    Hello everyone!

    Shaynih'a's quest couldn't be completed. Resolution: fixed.
    Shaynih'a has asked me to visit her to her shop to speak of some news that could push her into adventuring again. I have visited her, and she has nothing to say.

    I loaded a previous save, made before her visit to the throne room, got the same dialogue and again when I visted her she had nothing to say.

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    So in your case, the quest can't even be started... Probably a different bug. :\

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    If I remember right her questline actually goes:
    Deliver Letter
    Something is bothering her (spear)
    Received news that makes her want to adventure again (3rd step)

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