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    So my kingdom is rioting, but my stats are great. What now?

    It looks like every month my advisers fail more than half of problems piling on because of the -3 penalty.

    The game gives two projects that directly affect the rioting issue:

    1. Address the crowd (DC 25, my advisers are at +5 and +6, so 10% chance at most) at the cost of 25 BP.
    2. Pay 1000 BP for a feast.

    Number 2 is out of the question, it'll take a year of doing nothing to gather that much. Number one requires save scumming or an honest gamble that may take more than a year, but might cost less.

    There's also the option of buffing the hell out of the adviser's Charisma to get a higher bonus on that gamble. So, I need to find 70,000 GP to buy a Charisma +6 jewelry piece. Or go back several quests and make sure I don't ever end up in negative BP by accident because I'm pretty sure that's what caused riots to begin with.

    Am I missing anything?

    Is there a way to build some buildings or other projects or even quests that might reduce unrest?

    Hell, I'll romance the half-orc if that's what it takes at this point. Sorry, Octavia, your speech sucked.

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    You could always buy BP from the merchant.

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    Well, yes, and a year's worth of trophies turned into BP might do it.

    I'm looking at options that are less about "throw money at the problem", because I don't have the money now.

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    Only "free" option I know : Economy VI gives you a decision, when you can select no tax --> 1 unrest level/month gets neutralized.

    At whar part of the game you are? After Bloom ?

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    I was in a similar state for a while.
    Best option is to save scum when running Address the Barony.
    There should be another Project as well (not the Feast one) that will resolve a level of unrest.
    EDIT: 3rd project is "Last Resort" or some such

    If you succeed at those 2, you'll be up to Troubled status. (that's as far as I've been able to recover though)

    This aspect of the kingdom management is very poorly explained, TBH, and ridiculously difficult to get out of.
    DC25? 1000BP??!

    But hey, at least going negative BP doesn't break BP generation anymore ;)
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    Yeah, just after Bloom. I already lowered taxes once so I get 9 or so BP a month drained.

    This next option you're describing sounds exactly like what I need!

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    The trick is to increase the level of the aspect of the society controlled by the advisor.

    The base modifiers are:
    Stat bonus of the advisor
    Stat rank x2
    Unrest level of the Kingdom (usually a negative value)

    The big problem is that failures reduce the values, so at some level is hard to get a success (or when you get a quest with a difficulty of 34).

    Currently, my Tristam, with a Wisdom bonus of +7, has a total of +17 when making checks.

    +7 for wisdom
    -2 for unrest
    +12 from Loyalty 6

    Until mid game, I used the wrong approach as I remembered, from the table top, that there was a negative modifier that was dependant on the kingdom size. But apparently it is not present in the computer game.
    So I kept the kingdom small.

    But increasing the base value of a kingdom stat allow us to increase the rank, so constructing buildings that increase the stat and then increasing the rank as soon as possible, make the kingdom management way easier.

    Adding regions allow us to add more villages and more buildings.

    Another thing: apparently it is best to ignore a problem when you have a very low or nonexistent chance of success. AFAIK if you ignore a problem the worse result is failure, if you try to clear it and fail by a lot you get the disaster result, with way worse consequences.


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    Ignoring the problem to make it go away is the epitome of counter-intuitive design.

    Does that work for real world problems like pregnancies and politics, too? I wish.

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    Yes, sometimes doing nothing is better than doing a really terrible job. Corruption, wasted budget, offending the locals, etc.

    Also, your stats are not "great" if you only have +5 or 6. Most problems at that point have a DC of *at least* 17. That's worse than even odds. Unfortunately achieving better almost requires cheating, so I don't know what to tell you.

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    Cheating isn't really needed. What is important is to build your town well and to buy all those blue sites for cheap stat boosts.

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