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    Switching romantic interests?


    I am wrapping up Chapter 2 and recently my PC, a paladin, had a falling out with his love Octavia after she made it clear she was planning to continue sleeping around with anyone else who struck her fancy. I am now trying to recall if I completely shut down Valerie after her duel, thereby ending any chance of a romance with her. Is that likely the case?

    If so, it would be nice if you could pick up a new romantic partner after breaking things off with your first.

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    Hi, i donīt have an answer because i know less than you...

    But how one can get a romance with Octavia?

    My MC changed alignment choosing good options to make her happy, lost an advisor giving her Batholomew whip, and the best he got was she hinting he could be part of her "testing" such whip...

    Anyway, heīs happy with Valerie now.

    But the info would be nice as i might start a new playthrough someday.

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    I don't recall the conversation that would have triggered the romance. I am LG so in the natural roleplaying of that she fell into my arms, but it was her chaotic nature that eventually drove a wedge between us. :)

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    Thanks for answering.

    My PC started LN, moved into LG by choosing options to please her, and got nowhere. At least i got to use Blessed Path (a great full plate that requires being LG).

    Regarding Valerie, all it takes is standing by her side during her companion quests. Sometime after you help her accept her "new" life with the scar, both end up drinking at the tavern, with an conversation option to continue thing in the bedroom.

    Trying to start something with Octavia didnīt stop nothing, but i donīt know if Valerie still is an option after you have a relationship with someone else.

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    I have not been using Valerie in my party lately, so I will try that.

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    I'm playing a LN aasimar chick with decent Cha and Octavia basically came on to me quite hard without me having to do anything after I saved them from the camp and we got back to Oleg's. I'm saving the threesome for a N/NE/CN/CE playthrough though (alignment match mostly so I can cope with Reg as military advisor). Although I might change my mind, Tristian seems so dull.

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    If the problem is only coping with Reg, go for it.

    Iīm playing a LG ruler at the end of the time gap between act 4 and 5, using him as military advisor since act 2 and heīs yet to do anything unacceptable.

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    Once Octavia broke up with me I stripped Reg of his gear and took him for a stroll in the wilderness. An hour I returned without him.

    Octavia: "Hey, where's Reg?"
    Me: (shrug) "I don't know. I thought he was with you?"

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    Can't you just tell her your romance was a mistake and then use the flirt line with Valery? Even though I shot doiwn Regongar, you still have access to lines to flirt with him if you in the dialogue wheel. I assume this would also be true for valery and that it would allow you to change a romance.

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    It didn't seem like I had any flirt lines with Valerie. I could say she must have a lot of suitors, but that didn't really lead to anything productive. Right now I think I am mid-way through Chapter 3 and I did her duel/quest a little while ago. However, I recently started keeping her in my main group and yesterday at camp she needed help with a buckle. During the interchange she flirted with me and I did a celebratory fist pump, so it looks like I'm on the right track. Thanks all!

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