Hi devs/ Olwcat team

I'm now with 204 hours ingame, in a single playthrough, and a few hours ago I started House at the Edge of Time. There are some problems in this dungeon and I would like to leave my opinion about it:

1) For the first time in all these hours I am experiencing serious technical problems. It is very clear to me that this chapter, in particular, needs an extra dose of polish. In a few minutes I faced problems with lighting (lights blinking and fading) and a spell in pink canvas, casted by an enemy. Please take another look with care.

2) Enemies repeated too much, all the time. Basically the player needs to face 2x the same super buffed encounters. It would be interesting to have different enemies in different worlds. It would also be interesting to decrease the number of filler encounters. It's a bit tiring.

3) Horrible loot.

I dont have problem with Nyrissa killing my party (Planescape: Torment feelings), but the whole dungeon need to be rethinked.