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    Small store/inventory quality-of-life request

    Howdy Devs,

    It would be enormously convenient to have a "sell all items like the chosen item" feature in vendors.

    Use case: I've explored a dungeon and managed to pick up about 49023905 masterwork long swords. I want to sell all of them, so instead of clicking each of the 49023905 swords, I'd like to click a "sell all like..." button followed by one of the swords, to have all 49023905 transferred to the pending sale page at once.

    (I know about the button that sells all of certain item types, but usually I don't want to push it because it'll transfer a bunch of things I don't want it to).

    An alternate idea toward the same goal would be to have a separate inventory partition for things that should never be sold, and you could move items into or out of that area to prevent or enable auto-selling.

    Also, I posted another request about an action queue here, but I suppose that should have been posted in this forum instead of the tech support forum.

    Thanks for the great game!

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    I think the best thing would actually be a dragable selection rectangle, + Shift and/or Ctrl buttons to select what to sell, just like the Explorer on Windows. But I don't think it's possible in Unity games.

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    Or at least a "Sell junk" button that would sell all items with "a merchant would buy this from you" quality from your inventory. After coming back from a long hall with 40 different types of junk from leather hides to amber to jewels and such, this would greatly help the selling process!

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    Honestly the most direct change to ameliorate this concern and more, would be simply allowing all items to stack.
    Potions do, scrolls do, why not MW Longswords? I can't think of usage case non-stacking is useful for.

    Relatedly, MW items (and magic shields!) not having "aura" to distinguish them from mundanes is very unhelpful.
    That mixes badly with non-stacking, as stacking at least would make clear "this shield is not like the others" etc.

    If Alchemist Fire/AcidFlasks and Protect/Resist Potions have sub-icons for Element, why not Prot/Resist Scrolls?
    Or imagine if weapons showed sub-icon for +X bonus, Flaming, Cold Iron, Bane, etc.
    (existing sub-icons for Flame etc and Owl/Bear/etc (Stat Boosts) seem too small & indistinguishable to my eyes)

    It's often very hard to discern current weapon via action bar icon (which doesn't offer specific info on hover)
    given most weapons are "long and narrow", so the relatively small size icons basically all look the same to me.
    It would also be great if main action bar icon showed when current weapon set had shield or 2WF weapon.

    I still can't understand why character portrait icons only use ONE column of micro-icons for all status effects,
    when there is clearly more space for status icons around all edges of the portraits while still leaving identity clear.
    Having negative status effects (debuffs) in separate column from positive effects (buffs) seems common sense.
    Right now it's absurdly easy to just not notice a character has taken massive stat damage before it's too late.
    Having clearer presentation of debuffs (incuding amount of damage/ current stat score) would be great change.

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    OFF-TOPIC: I have only posted here 4 times, but after 3rd post, I discovered I couldn't post or reply in General/Technical forums (haven't tested others besides those and here), which seems to be due to Permissions for those (displayed at bottom of page). When I actually try to reply there, it tells me I have been permanently banned, but I suspect that isn't the case, it is just permissions issue with "manual" user registration process that didn't approve me "across the board" for all sub-forums. I used "Contact Us" form twice to no effect, and attempts to PM Kotarsis the admin(?) who posted "Unable to post on forums?" sticky-thread failed to 100% full PM in-box on his end.

    How to resolve this?

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