I really dislike that the "chaotic" option is making peace with the trolls and letting him live as a vassal to your barony. You prevent further bloodshed, protect the barony citizens, and quite legally create peace by accepting an oath of fealty. How is that chaotic? It seems to me that should be LAWFUL thing to do.

The Lawful Good and Lawful Evil options both had the same conclusions, albeit for different reasons. That is just wrong.

Similar thing with Bartholomew and his tortured prisoner. A Lawful Good person would be OK with him continuing to own a slave that he tortures regularly? How is that even remotely a good guy thing to do? I can't imagine a paladin, a paragon of virtue and what is right, just shrugging and going "heh, law's the law". There should have at least been an option, like "I will properly change the law to make this illegal as it is immoral and should not be tolerated."

It also bothered me that Ekun was so racist within the game universe that he couldn't accept a peaceful solution with Hargulk and permanently left the party because of it. He seemed a nicer guy than that.

In general, I feel it is wrong that the so-called "lawful good" option is "You are a monster so I kill you now." Lawful good should always be seeking the peaceful solution that works for everyone and only resorting to violence when necessary.